Fantasy premier league 17/18


Morata meant to have been excellent for Chelsea today.

Mounie madness :cry:

Had both at one point over the summer

Kane maybe not worth his 12.5 price :eyes:

I had Luiz in a few of my drafts but he didn’t make the cut lol @Phoebica


Yeah Morata was great, I streamed that match. People saying “he missed a great chance” but they honestly looked so much better with him on the pitch. Should definitely start against Spurs next week.


Have both Morata and Mounie in my team ha.

I think Morata is going to have a really good first season.


I had Morata in my team straightaway, in July! Then took him out 3 days ago - mainly because of that missed penalty. If Lukaku doesn’t score tomorrow, I’m switching - one strike and you’re out!


Got 2 midfielders that didn’t play and all my hope is on ManUtd not to concede and Lukaku to score a couple. I really should have spent more time on team selection and thought this through better in advance lol


I never thought this game would be as addicting when I first made a team


Yeah it’s great. Especially as a girl because there is less pressure. I won the league I have with friends last season, and the other guys were like “I stopped trying.” They didn’t really though, they were doing subs and using their triple captain etc until the end.


I swapped Xhaka for Mkhitayran and spent a lot on Chelsea defenders and GK.
Not great.




Everyone will give up in February. (Just in case one of the ladies wins this is the disclaimer).






Nah Calum. That’s CL style. We’re not in the Champion League anymore.


3rd in the league best I have done during opening fixtures


Del Boy’s a crook :xhaka:


1st in the league :giroud3:


Del boy! :sanchez2: :hipster:


“Shaktar Senseless”

Fair play that’s fantastic :joy::joy::joy:


I’m 7th?!


It’s a marathon, not a sprint.

By the way, I was looking at the OA league earlier, who the fuck are most of these people?