Arsenal Vs FC Köln (Europa League)


Big day has arrived. C’mon you Gunners!




Please start Nelson over Theo


If we’re serious about winning this we should start Theo over Nelson all day, brings much more experience and goals


Obviously I’d love to win the EL. But I still can’t get that pumped for this competition. It doesn’t help that it comes a day after seeing the elite play in the CL. It’s like watching your brother and sister unwrap a bike, then when it’s time to unwrap yours, you’ve only got a wheel.


LET’S GO ARSENAL LET’S GO clap clap clap clapclapclap


Jack Wilshere’s career resurgence begins today :wink:


Wilshere + Coquelin will become the midfield duo that saves us (once Coq is back)


Anyone brave enough to back a Wilshere goal tonight? I think we’ll score 2 or 3 comfortably without ever threatening to look sublime. Giroud will score again and remind everyone how useless he is


If it’s aggression in midfield we need, then those two are ideal for the job.

I really want to see Wilshere do well in this game.
If he can avoid another long term injury he could be an important player for us.
If he doesn’t perform consistently, I can see him leaving after this season.


Giroud to get his 100th goal for the arsenal tonight hopefully!

Looking forward to this a lot.


Give Nelson a few months 1st team action and he will surpass Theo as a player comfortably.


He already has!


Is it live on BT?


Yep, BT Sport 2. Straight after Atalanta v Everton.


BT Sport 2 with all the top quality action tonight then


Nelson brings quality and i think is also more keen to impress than Walcott.


You mean that his hunger index is higher?


I think his hunger index is close to eating a horse between 2 slices of bread, with an abundance of desire to do well with a huge amount of mental strength!


If we play Nelson tonight I hope it’s behind the striker in one of the two positions and not at wing back, fuck teaching him positional awareness and all that shit that rarely translates. I want to see him turning into the next Cesc not the next Oxlade.