Arsenal vs Chelsea FA CUP FINAL



My lasting memory of the day would be Gabriel, complete with a leg brace, dancing/hopping around the field like he was a kid who just found a Golden Ticket in his chocolate bar.


Watched the entire final again yesterday and now I’m going to read this baby. I’m really dragging this match out. I’ll probably be on cloud 9 until Sanchez ruins it all and announces he is off.


My match ticket has gone completely black



How’s that happened?! Mine still looks completely normal haha


Is it only the match day squad that gets FA cup winners medals ?


These used to embed as a video. Sites going downhill mate :disappointed:


heat i think… whatever you do dont iron the creases out…
i was in block B row 15 seat cant remember number of seat but its was around 150 to 170ish


i think its everyone thats taken part along the way…


Yeah I think anyone can get a medal. Don’t the club get given a certain amount to be distributed as they see fit?


Yeah I was more just curious for things like is Santi Cazorla a 3x FA cup winner now ?


Really has taken all my willpower and discipline to not bring out the racist AC persona here (yes, persona @A.F.).

edit: seriously though, white people should be able to make jokes that poke fun at racism and racists too. Some people are just not ready for my edginess. :pensive:


[quote=“AbouCuellar, post:500, topic:1473”]
Some people are just not ready for my edginess
[/quote]Oh we’re ready for it, we just choose to ignore you



The oppression us white people face makes me sick :stuck_out_tongue:


Haha god damnit jakeworth. I’m with you on this one but it doesn’t stop me being an idealist! :fist:


What about Asians? Are we allowed to make jokes too?


Ay, Jade, stop it, it turns me on when you don’t renounce your roots like that.


Black tickets are the way forward…


First bit of merc ive seen apart from shirts…