Arsenal vs Chelsea FA CUP FINAL



Is he an Arsenal fan?


Thats his son James with him…
Mick Jagger is a Dartford boy…




It seems a few of the big music stars of the sixties were Gooners.
Roger Daltrey, Ray Davies and Mick Jagger, as well as Dave Gilmour and Roger Waters from Pink Floyd.
They don’t get much bigger than that.


Just put those in before I saw you did the same :slight_smile:


All the Kinks were Arsenal..
KOK : How did you initially get the job as replacement for Pete Quaife?
JD(John Dalton) : The Kinks were with an agent called Arthur Howes. Their top booker was a guy called Bill Fowler, who was a friend of mine, and also used to be The Mark Four’s road manager. When Pete was injured on his scooter, Bill was given the job of finding a quick replacement, it took him a few hours to talk me into at least going for an interview. The interview was on June 9 1966, at Carling Music, Savile Row.
I can’t remember having to play much, I think they just wanted me to look all right… and be an Arsenal supporter.


yes i saw that after i posted it…


I hope the rest of the gang are gooners too.


back on track


Is that Clyde Tydsley doing the commentating? Makes it sound like I just scored the winner in a fifa 08 match…ahh the good ol days.


keep finding stuff Captain Lance going mental…dark top cap and scarf…


Him and Rambo are bff’s they both care about the Rhinos for some reason.


pukka seat he got himself there…:ramsey:


Has this been posted?


Think so.


if you can stand to watch it again :slight_smile:



Was that a drunken Martin Keown?