Arsenal vs Chelsea FA CUP FINAL



Brilliant result.
Every player was great, especially Sanchez and Mertesacker.
I thought we had a chance, but we actually outplayed them and wanted it more, and considering we had a whole makeshift defence, and they had no injuries we completely deserved to win it.
Whatever happened to the team six games ago, I just wish we had played like that all season, we would have easily got a top four place.


Simply beautiful


With Ramsey having scored the winning goal in 2 cup finals, does that set some sort of record?



Can watch this all day haha


Conte should have looked at the replay again (bounced of his knee)


Chelsea are very lucky they didn’t lose that 6-1/6-2.

She wore! She wore!


Brilliant, brilliant, brilliant.

Tactical masterclass, great performances, Xhaka looked the signing (and has been much better lately). Ramsey returning to a potential decent player! Liking Ox more and more too. Great way to end the season. So happy for Gunner nation.


In these sorts of games you hear clichés like “Chelsea weren’t at it but full credit to Arsenal” but I think this was definitely just a “full credit to Arsenal” game. Chelsea weren’t awful. They weren’t throwing it in their own net, their defence wasn’t falling over, they weren’t collapsing at set pieces, they weren’t passing it to nobody. We were just unbelievably better than them in every way.

This was a full strength Chelsea team and we just nullified any attacking threat. Full credit to Ramsey and Xhaka as we “won the midfield battle” when nobody gave us a fucking chance.

I think this is Wenger’s greatest ever cup victory. There’s a bit of taint to a cup campaign where you beat a terrible Hull and a worse Villa and even though we had it easy with non league opponents there was nothing easy about outplaying City and Chelsea.

Full credit Mr Wenger. Can’t fault him at all today.


Mertesacker MOTM for me and it wasn’t close, absolutely bossed the defense. Holding probably second.

Alexis aside from the goal passed to the opposition allot, Ozil was poor, Ospina was shakey, Giroud and Ramsey had 1 great moment, Xhaka mainly passed backwards and sideways. But a group collective defensive effort won out


So many great pictures from today.


Fantastic performance probably the best I’ve seen in a few years, we made the PL champions look ordinary and it wasn’t as if they played bad, we were just better then them. Kante and Hazard went missing. Their defence couldn’t handle Welbeck’s pace. Ozil had his best game for Arsenal for me although he should have scored twice. Our defence was excellent especially Mert. Loved Holding winding up Costa, future captain there imo. Xhaka and Ramsey were great too. Ox looked a little ring rusty but overall a great team performance.

Be a nice way for Wenger to go out on, but we know what’s going to happen but let’s leave that one for another day. Great that we won but let’s not cover over the cracks of a poor season for Arsenal. I’m happy for the fans who travel up and down the country and all over Europe supporting these guys who haven’t delivered nearly enough for them, they deserve it the most.

Nice to win silverware and end the season on a nice note.


Gonna wear my Alexis away shirt to the gym tomorrow, will be probably even sweatier than you.

Just home from work now and about to watch it whilst eating my bodyweight in chicken, should I be excited? (For the match, I’m an excellent cook)


Chelsea and their “he was offside” crap can fuck off! We were all over them! They should thank themselves lucky that we didn’t score 10!


A message for my fellow countryman Antonio Conte: go and eat a rotten pizza, you fake-hair man :wink:


I do wish I was Ozil in this pic :eyes:


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