Arsenal vs Chelsea FA CUP FINAL



Now thatā€™s a proper banner!


Best. Ever.


Youā€™ve got to watch the Instagram stories of all the players.

So good :joy: Alexis is the best

All partying to despacito haha


Hitting that Like button so many times tonight :smile:


Found it





It might mean someone hits the 50 likes per day limit other than Luca for a change :laughing:

On a minor note, itā€™s our first trophy since our move to the new Forum :kosc:


Any pictures of Giroud topless?


Look at Santi! So happy!


Do it now! :giroud:


Alexis looks so happy. Arsenal are his family so please, stay :slight_smile:


Couldnā€™t be happierā€¦To beat those fuckers in a final just feels fantastic. Arsenal again have won the most FA Cups in the history of the competitionā€¦Like we did in 2015. Arsene Wenger now holds the record for the most wins by a manager with 7.

Most of all though, Iā€™m just pleased with how we played. I thought we looked brilliant out thereā€¦Defence, midfield and attack. Okay, we missed many chances to make it really comfortable but we got unlucky a few times.

Just thank God the referee did his job correctly and booked Moses for diving. Also really glad Snake didnā€™t score. That wouldā€™ve been awful.

Proud of the men for this game, Up The Arsenal!



This picture is so weird :cech:


^^^ demon possed!


Isnā€™t that photo basically the Xhaka smiley? :xhaka:



Big fucking Germanā€¦


LOL! So true. Everyone loves it!


Was holding Ozilā€™s shirt in my hands in the last 10 minutes of the game. I was so nervous and were sweating like a pig :joy: