Arsenal vs Chelsea FA Community Shield


Not a bad win with without Kosh, Mustafi, Ramsey, Ozil and Sanchez to be honest. It looked even more bleak when Per had to come off and we had a makeshift back 3.

Sead is a tank, love him, great headed goal. He also made some good marauding runs too lol.

Still can’t get over Courtois’ penalty :smiley:

Only a friendly but nice to get off to a good start!


@Phoebica :+1:t2: the more you know.


Oliver’s more concerned about defending the significance of the Community Shield (and being right) over typing anything about the game lol

Solid game as far as I could see. Hopefully that means that the team is ready for the league.


Where did I state that he doesn’t take ever take penalties? I was more commenting on the fact that he was second choice.

You don’t have to be a dick constantly Oliver


Thought we played really well. Iwobi was proper impressive as was Lacazette and Xhaka.

Kolasinac aswell gonna be a cult hero for us I feel.

Great way to start the season!


Pedro getting banned 3 games for that red card. Obviously not a friendly.


Is Cahill regularly their first penalty taker too?

Cahill #1 and Courtois #2 still seems dodgy as hell to me, but can’t argue with the quality of our four penalties


Theo had the game winner too btw!! :henry2::theo:


I’d imagine Hazard and Pedro would have been up before those two. Was Cesc still on the pitch? He should have taken one if so.

Are you sneakily trying to say they took the piss :sunglasses:


Pleased to win the Shield if only because Chelsea ballsed it up. :joy: Alexa had a good opportunity at goal denied only by the post. Can’t wait to see more of him. Holding was solid enough at the back again.

Kolasinac the BosniGerman was a beast.


They put the line-up out to win it, working off a smaller squad than ours, I’d say Wenger undervalued it more than Conte and we still did them, so a good day’s work.

I still don’t care much about it, for me the sweetest part of it is that 9 match winning run at Wembley that makes it feel like ‘our’ ground when we come to play there in important games like the FA Cup


:slight_smile: Chelsea took this game seriously and I’m not having people diminish the significance of us beating them with comments about what the manager wore or who the order of their penalty kick takes are, especially when he has historically been a good taker of penalties.

You have been doing your best to downplay the match so don’t be surprised when it’s contested.


If Theo didn’t have the touch of a rapist we may have won in the 90 :eyes:


Yeah cause whoever was playing on that side before him made an impact? As soon as he came in he got into amazing positions and we rattled off a bumch of good scoring chances.


Result was never in doubt bud, it’s Arsenal at Wembley… just saying it would have been nice to win it in the 90.


Caused a lot more trouble for the Chelsea defenders in 20 minutes than Laca did the whole match.


Do wonder a bit if Conte’s handling of Costa could cost them some points this season. I am a big fan of Morata, but he might struggle to adjust and that could be decisive.


Sead was actually phenominal. What a bloody good signing.


Anyone else think that Bellerin has fallen completely off??? Dear me some of his passing and decision-making was awful today and it seems like this is continuation of really worrying trend…


Fair to say Chelsea players don’t know how to dance to ABBA.