Arsenal vs Chelsea FA Community Shield


Did Cech save Morata’s penalty?


He was easily our worst player today. Could do nothing right.


Well, the FA match report writer disagrees lol

The Shield may be the final friendly of the summer but there was certainly no shortage of competitive edge, with referee Bobby Madley making more cautions than either side were able to get shots on target.


What’s laugh out loud about a writer disagreeing with Conte and why would it mean anything to me?




“The trophy we wanted to win” < Pack up lads till next year. :wink:



Per lifting this trophy and celebrating should tell you all you need to know in regards to whether or not this was a competitive match or not.


The match being won is one thing to celebrate

But it’s not, and never has been, a trophy. Anyone claiming it is brings embarrassment on themselves and our club

Not a fucking trophy


Just celebrate we beat Chavski. FFS!




It is quite literally a trophy.


I know I do :smiley: always good to beat Chelski. I would celebrate our players beating their players at beach volleyball, fuck Chelsea in general. Can’t do much about the lot who are too obsessed hating our own to be happy we beat the chavs, but I’m with you Luca.


Bradford City, I’m pretty sure. Before that it was Galatasaray in the UEFA cup final. Couldn’t really find more contrasting settings!

Between Galatasaray and now, though, we’ve won a staggering amount of penalty shootouts. The ones I remember are (and I’ll try to keep this as chronological as possible)

Sheff Utd (FA Cup 2005)
Manchester United (FA Cup 2005)
Doncaster Rovers (league cup 2006)
Roma (ECL, 2008)
Wigan Athletic (FA Cup 2014)
Chelsea (community shield, today)


Wow, great record. Thanks man


Been a Gooner 50+ years, my extended family going back 3 generations, all the aunts, uncles, cousins, nephews, grandparents, kids, grand kids, in laws… We are all Gooners and have seen ten’s of thousands of matches between us

None of us consider the CS to be worth anything at all, I didn’t even watch the match coz it is irrelevant.

I"ll celebrate if we beat Chelsea in the league or cup. But for this I could not give a fuck


Before Galatasaray it was hit and miss. We went out to Leicester in the cup that same season thanks to a penalty shootout and we beat West Ham (if I’m not mistaken) in the run up to winning the cup in 98 after a penalty shootout.

The greatest one I’ve witnessed is the one against Sampdoria in 1995. They scored 2 late goals in extra time. We’re doomed and out. Arsenal win a free kick out of nowhere. Stefan Schwarz, doing about the only thing he’s ever done in an Arsenal shirt, buries the free kick (last kick of the game) making it 3-2 Sampdoria on the night, 5-5 on aggregate, and we win the ensuing shootout.

There was an incredibly interesting stat I read that for any English team in Europe, or indeed the England team in a penalty shootout, if they were shooting on the left hand side of the TV screen they’d always lose, and if it was the right, they’d win. This was consistent for a good 15-20 years


Wow you are such an amazing fan!! Admitting you were basically brainwashed by your family to support the club. Much better more amazing supporter than anyone, with a huge PENIS too I’m sure. You’re so cool I wanna be a greenslanesloony when I grow up.


Hey, I would imagine this is about half of us here :bellerin:


Lol, well of course but it’s not like it’s some sort of impressive supporter feat you should be lording over people.