Arsenal vs Chelsea FA Community Shield


Oi he actually is. That’s brilliant. :rofl:


Always trust me man :wink:


We will win this just because Chelsea are tired allready :joy:


I don’t shoot up animals :wink: I can see limitations in Wenger and Theo too, they’re just over hated


I’m gonna say 2-1 Arsenal, we always seem to get the job done at this venue.


For the people who rate the Community Shield, would you rather win it or the first match of the season the following week?


rather win both


Community Shield. You can lose the first match and still win the league quite easily. See Chelsea from last year.


Team that wins the CS rarely wins the league though.


Not sure if that’s trolling or actually serious.


Finally a positive prediction from you! :smiley:


3 points against Leicester are worth so much more than the Chelsea match.

Losing at home vs Leicester would set a lot more alarm bells ringing


I can’t see why anyone would want to win a non-competitive match over 3 points. Especially the first game of the season.

You can’t win league by losing more than a small handful of games, so to give away a loss so early into the campaign is unforgivable and a sure fire sign that we won’t compete. And we all know the days of Arsenal standing resolute are long gone, we need as many safety nets as possible if we want to challenge.


3 points would have been the difference between CL football or the EL. The league is everything, it’s the only competition we should be focusing on


Community Shield, a 50p trophy beating rivals will do nicely. Negative mentality though, it’s Leicester so why not win both?


Because it’s not a non competitive match, if it was truly a friendly I’d agree with you.


The Community Shield was thought to count as one of those, but the FA have confirmed that they consider the game to be a friendly, meaning Koscielny will be free to play.

@Oliver :wink:


Even if it was a competitive match, which it isn’t, why would you prefer to win this over a Premier League fixture?


I’m not sure why some are being so purposefully obtuse when it comes to the issue of the CS. You can enjoy it all you want but I can’t rationalize the thinking behind making it out to be more than it clearly is.


It’s not a negative mentality at all, I would hope it’s pretty obvious why I asked the question. I posed a hypothetical question as a way of trying to gauge just how much people rated the community shield, and if they rated it enough to prefer it to 3 points.

I wasn’t suggesting that in reality we actual have to make a choice between the two.