Arsenal vs Chelsea FA Community Shield


Where is it defined as that?


Everywhere. The FA changed their rules regarding pre season matches and suspensions in 2009. It covers all “non-competitive” pre-season fixtures - that includes the Community Shield.


Everywhere being the daily mail and the metro?

Will happily align my opinion to the facts, if you can provide a credible source stating its non competative.


Fuck Chelsea! Beat them in any case :wink:


Think there was a time where it was a competitive game.


The reason given for Moses and Koscielny being able to play in this is because it is essentially a pre season friendly.

But hey, you’re definitely right. A “cup” game that allows 6 subs, which bypasses extra time in the event of a draw, where suspensions don’t count and red cards have no further consequence is most definitely a competitive match :+1:


I’m asking for a source and telling you i will change my view if you can provide it.

What more can I do?


It’s never a friendly v Chelsea. Trophy isn’t attractive and looks like a 50p coin but it still counts. 2-0 for us


I missed your predictions :wink:


A solid effort @GunnerGirl. However the prediction king, LondresTopo, used to weigh in on potential matchday attendances.

Time to take over, me thinks.


We’re gonna lose. But it doesn’t matter.


Take that shit elsewhere Aussie.




Stop it @Oliver. You are becoming a parody of yourself.


@Kaner= Wenger
@Oliver= Gazidis
@GunnerGirl= Kroenke
@Arsenal4thetreble= Walcott

This 4 users are the hardest Wenger and Walcott fans on this board :xhaka:


I’m Wenger out you tit.


Lmao I think he accidentally is correct, cause isn’t Gazidis low key WOB??


I remember you being a great Wenger defender. My mistake :wink:


we’re at Wembley so we will win , it’s the least important trophy out of all the ones up for grabs in a season but it still counts in our achievements, so I would like to win it


Don’t get me wrong, love him as a manager and will always follow his career, should it continue. However I don’t think he should manage us, and haven’t really done for the best past of a year now.