Alexis Sánchez


Pudding from London?! :rofl: wut


Yeah, pudding is a national dish in the UK :wink:


Wouldn’t be at all enthused about Aguero tbh. Class player but clearly been run into the ground by City now and that’s before what we’d do to him.


If we literally had no other choice, Id take Aguero even now. He would guarentee at least 15 league goals with his shoot on sight policy.


I think Aguero guarantees slightly more than a Giroud level return. I’d hope anyway lol.


Just sounds like complete bollocks doesn’t it… oh wait, it’s Talksport - it is complete bollocks isn’t it.


I know man. Im probably over playing his slow decline due to injuries and possibly age. But yeah, he has consistently bagged 20 to 25 every season. Cant turn your nose up at that.


When he is in form he is the best striker in the league without any doubt.


Imagine the opportunity to bring Aguero to Arsenal and not taking it.

It’s Aguero man. Beast mode is his thing.


Aguero looked like he lost a step last year, he seemed easier to defend against. He only managed 16 non penalty goals last year


Still good considering he only played 2400 minutes. And he got 5 assists. And Man City woefully underperformed.


Not bad but a drop off none the less and City were dynamite going forward even if they were weak at the back.


Half fit Aguero=still our best striker.


The Sun say Monaco want him for 45m :laughing:Imagine if the club sanctions that deal now without Lemar coming the other way :grimacing:


Talk Sport had a Sanchez topic phone in earlier. They are adamant Monaco are in for him. Contrasting views from the callers; half saying make Sanchez stay to help us get back in top 4, other saying that we should sell now because it will be a story all season.


Signing Alexis is everything Monaco aren’t.

They sign young talents play them regularly in the league and CL then sell them for BIG money a season or two later.


Give us Lemar or Mbappe, then :hipster:



“If I want”…:sunglasses:

Football at the moment :rofl:


PSG at the moment you mean. Barcelona got punished hard for wanting things.