Alexis Sánchez


They do exist, but most seem to go via Madrid or Frankfurt.


All smiling and happy :smiley:


Yup because he knows his future is sorted, more than likely away from us!




The Sheriff is back in town :sanchez2:


“I am leaving, bunch of cunts!” :wenger:


Alexis at Wembley again :heart:


This is what i dont understand about this, every time you see him in training he looks as happy as larry until we fuck up on the pitch. When you look at him he doesnt seem to be straining to leave but at the same time it seems apparent he does want to. Looking as happy as he always looks in training makes you wonder what the heck is going on in his mind he seems all over the place.


I remember calling Alexis a petulant baby ages ago, apparently I couldn’t understand his winner mentality


Wow! Less than one week of training to be already fit!



Anyone would think human beings display different moods outwardly at different points in time or something, madness


Interesting fashion sense from Alexis :joy: Guessing this is some high tech bra which monitors heart rate?


He always looks happy in training, but then he wants to leave. Chilean prat.


Chill out Linguine_from_Italy


Pretty much yeah.


I thought he would be gone this summer but now im struggling to see where he goes

Not going to be going to PSG now. Does he fit in with City? They have Sane/Sterling/KDB who can all play out wide left and he wont get in as a striker for them as they have Aguero and Jesus

Cant see him going back to Barca so what other teams does that leave?


Cheers pudding_from_London.


Talksport bigging up the Sanchez to City and Aguero to Arsenal swap deal.

We just signed Laca why would we take Aguero?


Sell Giroud?