Yves Bissouma

I really don’t understand what is going on with AFCON. They made the decision to hold all future tournaments in the summer but then moved this one in Cameroon back to winter due to weather concerns but claim that the next one will stay in the summer despite it being in Ivory Coast which is the exact same latitude as Cameroon.

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It might be to do with the World Cup being played around the same time in Qatar.

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Cross that bridge when we get to it.

Can’t plan our transfer strategy around a tournament that will be changing when it’s held.

This is the only thing that gives me pause for thought about selling Willock rather than bringing him back into the squad for next season, because he solves that problem for us despite maybe causing some other ones. We have something like 50 appearances from him now for us where he hasn’t shown that he really fits but at the same time we’re so thin in midfield and missing what he offers in particular.


Is it 100% in the winter again? Is it for one season? This could be problematic, I’d be sad if we still had el neny, and hadn’t Brought forward an academy midfielder.

Could that be auba pepe partey bissouma elneny? Sheeeeesh

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Imagine if we sign Tapsoba, Mazraoui and Bissouma. :rofl:

Add to that Onana who could get his suspension shortened.

Gonna be lining up with Chambers, Holdini, Azeez and Ryan. Nice.

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“Touch your hair if Bissouma coming” :joy::rofl: people are really reaching now.