Yves Bissouma

Does bissouma even start for us though? Like realistically it’s probably still Xhaka and Partey right?

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Realistically, Xhaka goes cause he ain’t staying to warm the bench.

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I think Man Utd would have been a better fit but that’s a good move for him regardless. :clap:

Yeh great signing for them and exactly the type of signing that has been a success for them in recent years. Guess we’ll have to settle for Camavinga.

Looks like Camavinga is off to PSG.

So we’re stuck with an unsettled Torreira?


Nah we are stuck with the kid that camavinga can’t displace in the French youth team :joy::joy:


Long thread on Bissouma. Essentially confirms that if we were to go for him we have a great chance to get him due to Bissouma being a fan of the club, having friends at the club, his agent dealing with Arsenal before and Garlick having a good relationship with Dan Ashworth(he says Garlick worked at Brighton, is that right?).

Also, the translation makes his name “Pisuma”. :arteta:



Depends on who the #1 target is.

Gone quiet on the Bissouma front @GC-Maniac

Tbf, in terms of news we did have that long thread from Bell on Saturday night.
But yeah, it doesn’t look like we’re actively pursuing this.

We’ll see.

Thread by Bell. Once again, desperate to join. He told his agent he wants to go to Arsenal if they make an approach.

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Yeah sent it to my friend he said that a couple of clubs are interested but he wants to go to Arsenal, and that they need to agree on a fee.

Hope we get him I like Bissouma


He would be a great signing for us, when you have a midfield as awful as ours,- a pragmatic signing like this goes a long way to improving it. I also like the idea that both him and Partey can actually play ball while offering mobility and aggression.


I don’t like that fact we’d have a CM pairing with 0 goals in it still.

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Well, Buendia seems to have a lot of goals in him from midfield :wink:

I like the idea of buying Bissouma plus another CM with more final third impact, then rotating those two and Partey depending on the match.

If Xhaka leaves I think we basically have to buy two as it’s really just Partey and Elneny at that point. Azeez might play the cups but we’re not going to toss him in the deep end in the league.


Lewis on Arsecast made a good point today that if we were to buy Bissouma, come January, we would potentially lose Bissouma/Party/Elneny to AFCON.

That’s an entire midfield swiped from us for a potential month of our season. Is this a concern?

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It is. Have seen people debate about it on Twitter but haven’t seen people talk about it here.

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