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Carrying on from the Troll of the Year thread. Had to look up this classic Simpsons moment again :smiley:




Classic Simpsons are the best


I never tire of watching old Simpsons. It’s a shame they can’t find a way to just bring it all to a close, it’s just tragic to watch these days.

One of my favourite one off characters, Hank Scorpio :sunglasses:




Loved the Simpsons in Japan ep! Homer saying D’oh! in Japanese is class haha

“Call Mr Plow that’s my name, that name again is Mr Plow”!


Best one off character has to be Karl, Homer’s secretary in Simpson and Delilah.


Huh they predicted they own downfall.



This man needs to die.


2016 in a seven minute nutshell :smiley:




RememBEAR 2011, Herbert Chapman. Bjesus said Paddy


Don’t care for Rugby League, but this is bloody hilarious commentating.

“Shove it up ya arse” :joy:


I was literally rolling on the floor about that exchange from 1:58 onwards…:joy:


“You expect me to drive a Cadillac or somesing like zat? HAHAHA It would be ridiculous.”

I like this gentleman. :joy: And Jan boehrnmanmenanameangaer. (the song guy)



This guy is unreal


His work is panned by critics.