You know what really grinds my gears?


We all know what’s the best burger…



Double with cheese.


Yeah, and the irritating need to surpress your hunger before you’ve even started eating because you decided to raid on the tonnes of monkey nuts while waiting to collect your order :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Fish is not a a fucking burger!!!


Just done a 14 hour shift and these retarded cunts are all over the radio aswell, fuck off already.


Oh nooice 5 Guys made it across to u guys. I always had an argument with one of my pals about which was better, 5 Guys or In N Out. In N Out is only in the western states, and I know ppl that drive like 8 hours to get it, cause it’s simply the best. If anyone makes it out this way I’d be curious to know what u guys think. For reference:


Never had a 5 guys burger but I wish Wendy’s would come over to the UK their burgers are miles better then McDonald’s


Never heard anyone say a good thing about 5 guys. Maybe the Bournemouth one is just shit.


as regards price, or just in general? I am surprised they are really nice burgers quite pricey though but definitely a treat once in a while. They should all have roughly the same standards because they all use the same ingredients etc.


I LOVE five guys


My favourite cheat meal is a trip to Five Guys to get two cheeseburgers (with ketchup and grilled onions) and the seemingly endless pot of fries. Can never go wrong - maybe the Bournemouth one really is just shit lol.

Either that or a trip to Dominos to get a large pizza with stuffed crust, BBQ base, beef, chicken and red onions.


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So does Tori Black

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Why you tryin to make me out to be the forum’s porno guy?


Sorry, I usually vote against anything California… but In-N-Out is the business.


You make porn related jokes :man_shrugging:



Overpriced for what it is is the general gist I’ve heard and the actual patties are nothing special.

It probably doesn’t help that the one near me is 3 mins walk from 2 legitimately :giroud2: burger places though, so I’ve never felt the need to see if people are talking shit or not.


Those cunts in traffic on slip roads or round abouts where the traffic is flowing and every other car is letting a car out to merge, there’s always that one bellend that has to ruin the system and be selfish because they have somewhere more important to be. Fucktards.


Yeah that shit is downright ridiculous and in the case of slip roads pretty dangerous. The only part I get a bit nervous about when driving is joining dual carriageways or motorways.


People in my newly refurbished, rammed local on a Friday night with kids.

Literally fuck off home, this is our time not yours. If you want to take your kids to the pub you have Saturday and Sunday between the hours of 11 and 6. After that, know your role and fuck off back to your houses.

Imagine not being able to get into a pub on a Friday night because a whole loads of fuckers are there with their kids.

EDIT: Barmaid just went over and told a big party of people no kids after 7.30 :syringe: :syringe: :syringe: