You know what really grinds my gears?


That sounds brilliant tbh


Not bragging bro, it’s exactly what I do. And perception in the office is the complete opposite.

EDIT: and I’m not proud of it. My boss has even asked me to not raise it cos it’ll highlight how little he also has!


Your pal Özil joined your work mate? :wink:


The Monster is necessary if you’re gonna spend all night playing Fortnite :kissing_closed_eyes:


I wonder how long this sham of yours will last, you two are living the life. Bastards.

On the other hand, I have to account for every minute of my day so that my firm can bill as much as it can to its clients. No hiding for me :tired_face:


Who do they charge for when you’re having a dump?


For the sort of shit he comes out with? :sweat_smile::joy:


How dare you!


Nah got lots of love for my boy @Sol


Cocky scots.


So I’ve spent all day nursing a hangover on the sofa… If I see that McDonald’s advert again where they argue if a Bic Mac is still a Big Mac with bacon in it I’m gonna go bananas


What do you think though is it still a big mac if it has bacon in it?


that advertisement tho…just drives me up the bloody wall


Yeah, their desperation to try and make people give a shit is embarrassing.

You don’t get this bullshit with a whopper.


it realy isnt anything new you can order bacon with anything and when you get the bacon anyway you get 2 shitty rashers which are chewy and feel like they are barely cooked. What would have been somewhat different is if they started doing their burgers with their sausage patties, so you could get a sausage bigmac or a sausage quarter pounder that would be intriguing.


The Big King is better tasting and better value than the Big Mac too


BK > McD’s

5 Guys is a rip off but undoubtedly the best for taste


Man I love five guys and the mountains of fries they give you. I only let myself go there a few times a year.


Cajun fries…maaaaaaaann :giroud2:


The Big Mac is shit. All about your standard burger