You know what really grinds my gears?

This is what happens when you surround yourself with hangers on and so called " management ". They want absolute control and tend to bully theatre/arena managers and staff, seen it too many times.


Went to the 50 Cent gig last year at Wembley, love the guy but was a bit of a pisstake with the amount of time he was on stage
Expensive tickets and then did only an hour.
Shortest gig ive ever been to in regards to music time of the artist.

Cops who hide behind trees with a handheld speed gun and you get the ticket 6 months later.


Guys who generally embrace being a douche but conveniently change to their gentlemanly stance for that 5 second engagement period when a pretty woman passes through. :joy:

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A Kojak with Kodak

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The phrase “typical of the weather to get good when the kids go back to school” :yawning_face::yawning_face:

Who honestly cares? Surely its good to have nice weather any time we get it why does it matter about them being off :joy::joy:

I pretty much always take leave around this time (not this year though for a few reasons) so I bank on the weather getting better this time of year :slight_smile:

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Is it weird for school kids and their parents to wish for some of the nice weather to be around while they are able to go places and enjoy it?!

6 weeks holiday is a long time off, you definitely want some good weather so you can get out and about, and not be cooped up on top of each other all day every day cos the weather is shite.

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We’ve had two peaks of summer for a while now, April/may and August/September

We all want good weather I have no idea why school children need it more than the rest of the population lol

No-one gives a shit about the kids getting good weather lol

It’s about the teachers and parents who have to time their holidays with the school holidays that then have the misfortune of going back to work and sitting inside all day right as the good weather finally turns up haha

E.g. I was in the Peak District for a week where it rained every day where I had hoped to go for nice hikes and then the day I come back to the office it’s sunny and 30 degrees every day where I can’t enjoy it lol

They have 6 weeks off in a row lol. Let me get the violins out

I wouldn’t assume that parents complaining about the good weather not falling during their kids’ summer holiday equates to them saying kids need good weather more than anyone else lol.

I don’t think anyone is saying that kids need or deserve it more than anyone else.

Honestly not too sure what’s bothering you here Cal haha


I just wanted to have a vent with respect.

Was getting sick of hearing it on the tv and radio :joy:


The parents don’t :joy:

I’m annoyed that the week I took off it was raining and then my week back to work it’s 30 degrees and sunny and I have to sit at my desk all day when I haven’t had fuck all sun the rest of the summer haha

If anyone deserves a vent it’s me and all the other mugs who didn’t take September off lol

Should have listened to @Wivenswold haha

Oops wrong thread :joy:

cba changing it now

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Temporary traffic lights. Swear there’s more of them fuckers popping up every day and there’s always on the roads I need to go down.

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When you walk past someone with such strong, sour BO that it lingers in your nose once you’ve passed


Girls commenting “yass queen” on instagram and what not. Not sure why, but it annoys me more than it should lol