You know what really grinds my gears?

Some fucker missed bin day and has tactically placed their recycling and rubbish bags outside my gaff to linger there til next week

I’m filled with impotent rage as the only clear solution seems to be to move the bags outside another random house and make it their problem instead lol


Got to have cameras outside the house just for stuff like this lol. I’d put it through their window if I ever actually caught anyone doing it.

Someone’s dog shat outside my front door the other day and I’ve been seething ever since so I half feel your pain


We had some kids “graffiti” the side of our house with permanent marker.
I say “graffiti” because they’re like 6 or 8 years old

Had the same situation with the rubbish as well, but in our case it was a broken appliance that needed taking to the tip :rage:

I’m not really a pet person but it’s so annoying how this isn’t socially acceptable, but as soon as its a cat they can shit all over your garden, walkways and around the front door and that’s fine!
I appreciate there’s a limit to what you can do about that as a outdoor cat owner, but you could at least sort it out in the shared walkways etc.!

Tried a few things but nothing seems to deter them :joy:



Someone did this when I was a kid. My dad was furious. At the top of the bin bag there was a opened envelope with a name and address. He took the trash over to them and tossed it into their garden. Didn’t happen again.

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That’s got to be a direct neighbour?! surely. Who is trudging around planting rubbish everywhere?

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Waze and it’s pre-planned journey feature.

I needed to be at a team meeting for 9am, so I planned my journey with an ETA of 8:45am. Allowing myself a bit of traffic buffer time as this was a 1 hour and 20 minute journey.
It determined that I needed to leave by 7:31am. Fine. Walked the dog, had breakfast etc.

Got in the car, set the journey up and it’s saying I will arrive at 9:15am!! :tierney2:

It was a right pig of a journey too, it took me down all sorts of country roads, small single car lanes where I was the poor fucker that had to reverse back half a mile to let cunts go.



These paranormal cheap garbage programmes.
Shaking camera, air turned cold and a rigged tape recording of some indistinct noise.