You know what really grinds my gears?

I have a long-haired german shepherd and a wife that both equally shed as much hair as each other and my Shark hoover is excellent.

The lift-off function is boner-enducing for the stairs too. Bloody.


That’s a pile of shit. We needed a motor replaced

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Domesticated Dyson man here, 1 year old and it’s been at all sorts, even all the left over shit from some hardcore DIY.

Getting these random spam messages once every month or so. Really annoying.

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I get those sometimes too, some Chinese woman claiming she was waiting at Heathrow to be picked up …not be me you’re not love :rofl:


The government mishandling these strikes so much.

The rail strikes are absolutely fucking me and my girlfriend over on the 16th and 17th. Normally when we go to Denmark for Christmas with the dog, we take the train from Liverpool Street to Harwich in Essex no issue. But with the rail strikes we’re now having to stay a night in a hotel in Harwich on the Friday to the catch our ferry on the Sunday morning. However, getting from London to Harwich without the trains is fucked.

We’re looking at a £160 uber from Stratford to Harwich on the Friday if we’re lucky but much more likely to be £200+ on top of the £140 for the fucking hotel given that everyone else also has to stay the night before. We looked at renting a car for shits and giggles but there isn’t a single car to rent in the whole of London.

Absolute fucking nightmare. Still support the rail workers though, fuck the government.


Pure anger at the strikes and its not aimed at the workers :syringe:


Some of my friends are proper Tory mugs who have fully bought into the ploy to drive a wedge between the working class and the middle class by the elite.

Like full on “there are no poor Americans, just temporarily disadvantaged millionaires” type stuff.

Hugely frustrating.

TV shows and movies about cowboys where everyone has a Texas accent. People in Wyoming don’t have a Texas accent. Fucking stop it.

Yellowstone or Outer Range ?


Is Outer Range any good? Do you have to drink Sarsaparilla when you watch it?

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I enjoyed it. Acting performances and writing make it worth while


Outer Range. Although Longmire was guilty of the same thing to a lesser extent.

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Arsenal: Establishes 2 goal lead
Arsenal fans: Suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuubs! ReSt EvErYoNe NnOoooOoooooooOoOOOwWwWwww!!


Contract expiring and Virgin trying to double my broadband fee.

Having to phone up Virgin for them to offer a few £ off but still well overpriced so I say no thanks.
Sign up with Sky (same price I’m currently paying) and get engineer date.

Phone Virgin to give cancellation date, they offer me a price (more than what they quoted first time!!) and I explain no Sky are offering almost half that.

Put me on hold for 10 minutes before finally they give me a reasonable offer which I accept.
Go to cancel the Sky order and can’t do that online.
Ring up, go through 5 sets of automated questions before they say because of the festive period the offices are closed (doesn’t say when re-opens) and then hangs up :rage:

I know the reason for how it is, but honestly the whole media provider new customer/existing customer system is ridiculous. If I was a new customer with Virgin could’ve got much faster broadband for less than I’m paying now…


Just got to the gym and it’s full of tripod wankers filming their entire workouts.

Everywhere I look there’s a tripod and camera out and someone’s talking into a camera and training.

I get people have to hustle and make a living but it’s really annoying when all you want to do is train and you have to be considerate of peoples camera blocking an entire pathway in an already congested gym


Just start shouting GDPR and someone will shut it all down :slight_smile:


Probably full of the January gym wankers. Be back to normal by February :joy:


Just do your routine and ignore the fuckers, if you get in their way tough shit. I’d be more concerned about being on 30 tiktoks later this afternoon :joy:


I walk past them like they don’t exist. Stupid cunts.