You know what really grinds my gears?

Can someone tell me why the fuck the BBC spends millions on producing excellent shows like Dracula and then removes them from the iPlayer before you get a chance to fucking watch them?

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Probably so you’ll buy BRITBOX

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What’s that?

It’s capitalism gone mad. BBC and ITV teaming up to do a poor mans Netflix with half the BBC back catalog with Midsomer Murders chucked in.


Sounds terrible


And all their best stuff is already on Netflix/Amazon/Hulu

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Well I just watched Dracula on Danish netflix through a VPN lol

I didn’t know Britbox even existed, I’d heard they were thinking about it but didn’t know they it was up and running. It’ll die a quick death.

Seeing two agency workers over 70 working in my workplace. Management and union both united in saying there is nothing they can do about it.
Oh and sorting Screwfix magazines, seed booklets, DFS brochures and christmas hamper books is fucking beyond dumb right now.


Every fucking Tom Dick and Harry thinking they’re going to be the next home fitness guru in isolation and buying every kettlebell in the country.

All I want is a 20kg kettlebell everything is sold out, except one I found that was £85 lol

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“This just proves that footballers and nurses should have their wages swapped around”

Aye, OK then Tracey :roll_eyes:


Tracey off on one again, always with an axe to grind that one :expressionless:

When you specifically tell the real estate agent and interior designer to not deadlock your apartment as you can’t open it from the outside if you do.

Then when you go to let a tradie in to service all appliances in readiness for settlement you can’t, because one of them has deadlocked the apartment. So you end up wasting your RDO waiting for a locksmith to arrive and still end up out of pocket with nothing productive done.


So I’m using Microsoft Teams at work and this old guy in one of the chats signs off all his messages with his name.

“Great news guys. Simon”

“I’m trying to be positive at this time, that’s all we can do. Simon”

Bro, shut up lol how can he not know that we can see your name above your text.


All these fucking challenges on Instagram and Facebook.

“Post a pic of…” “do 10 push ups” “if you can’t answer this question then…”

Fuck off.


“Until tomorrow…”

“Top 5 albums…”

If I get tagged in one more challenge I’m gonna lose my mind. I don’t wanna do press ups nor do I wanna see your top R&B song of the 90s

Fuck off lol


Yep exactly this

You seen the shitty don’t rush challenge too.

Let me take a video of myself with no makeup on and then show you how incredibly different I look when I cake my face up lol


Hahaha no I have not seen that!!

Gonna have to google that haha

What even if the until tomorrow thing? Seen it all over insta

I’ll post a link of it in a sec lol