Yossi Benayoun

In honour of our former legendary isreali - Yossi the mighty walrus Benayoun.

Yossi Shai Benayoun (Hebrew: יוסי שי בניון, born 5 May 1980) is an Israeli former professional footballer who last played for Beitar Jerusalem and captained the Israel national team. He played as an attacking midfielder, often occupying the space just behind the striker.



Would have loved a cheeky Benayoun this window :santi:

Underrated player really.

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Pretty impressive cv. Helped us in a difficult time when Cuntsri and Cuntregas bailed us.

11/12 was a poor moment in our history. This guy being one of our better players lol. It was just van Persie + 10 others

@LukeTheGooner finally mate!

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The Ac Milan game at home and the Spuds 5-2 being the highlight of that season for me. Still mad that Persie missed that huge chance to fulfill the magic comeback.

Was always a fan, even going back to him being at West Ham. Hated that Chelsea signed him.


Probably my favorite loan without a buy of my entire Arsenal fandom.

All I will say is he wasn’t the worst player we signed that day :sweat_smile: He’s certainly not own thread worthy though.


I blame Rafa Benitez for spoiling his career.
Would have made a bigger impact if not for his Liverpool stint. Wenger should have brought him in earlier, perhaps as a replacement for Hleb.

This is around the time Wenger needed to be binned lol. Just total panic buying, no forward thinking and just everything was so fucking reactive lol


I guess I must have missed his greatness. Not a bad player, but not someone I would rate that high.


this is the best day of my life

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or the day you realised you brought shame to Yossi for not creating a dedicated thread for him earlier.