Yacine Adli


I wonder if he has any regrets about turning us down


He might? Matteo has been playing all the time and getting a lot of hype (maybe too much hype?) so it’s not hard to think he’d regret it.


Im really glad he turned us down because Guendouzi is a fucking baller and plays ahead of his years.


By turning us down he kinda proved he isn’t the guy we need anyways.

:heart: Guendouzi anyways, like the only player I have some liking towards in this team. For sure my player of the season so far.


That’s a bit much. He’s done very well for a 19 year old kid, but let’s not give each other celebratory blowjobs just yet. Let him be what he is.


I love giving head tho.

It’s more an indictment into how unimpressed I am with the rest of them tbh.


Did someone say free BJs ? :henry2:


No, but there’s a taxi down the street.


Only 10 inches uncut.