Yacine Adli

I wonder if he has any regrets about turning us down


He might? Matteo has been playing all the time and getting a lot of hype (maybe too much hype?) so it’s not hard to think he’d regret it.

Im really glad he turned us down because Guendouzi is a fucking baller and plays ahead of his years.


By turning us down he kinda proved he isn’t the guy we need anyways.

:heart: Guendouzi anyways, like the only player I have some liking towards in this team. For sure my player of the season so far.

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That’s a bit much. He’s done very well for a 19 year old kid, but let’s not give each other celebratory blowjobs just yet. Let him be what he is.

I love giving head tho.

It’s more an indictment into how unimpressed I am with the rest of them tbh.


Did someone say free BJs ? :henry2:


No, but there’s a taxi down the street.

Only 10 inches uncut.

Wondered what happened to this guy but sounds like he’s progressing :grin:


Thank fuck we signed Guendouz instead.

Yeah, because that’s worked out so well for us lol

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Guendo is the superior talent tbf.

Mislintat doesn’t miss…


You’ve been down to scout him have you.

It’s literally in his name


I don’t see FFF grooming Adli like they do with Guendo.

Bordeaux are in deep problems we should be all over Adli.

Correct me if I’m wrong but weren’t we really close to signing him a couple seasons ago?

Edit: reading up in this thread, we really were super super close to signing him. Crazy.

He was the target before Guendouzi if I’m remembering correctly. Be funny if we now end up signing him after letting Guendog go.