Yacine Adli


Ah well. Good luck to glhim I guess, but he will probably end up like Conan, at another one of Europe’s huge clubs.

Sheikh cunts need to decide what they wanna be.

Legit clubs that bring through youthin long term projects? Or clubs that spend for instant success.

Man City and PSG need to realise you can’t be both.


Sounds like an announcement of a contract extension is imminent.


If we sign Torreira and Arsenal truely put Ramsey on the pedalstal as they appear to do a future would be uncertain here too. Unless we are not going to play with a proper attacking midfielder and would go with three centre midfielders.


I’m going to follow this kids career closely from this point on in time.


Good luck being a well-paid back up.


Having followed his career for a further 7 minutes, I can now confirm that he’s shit


Me too.

Or I’ll forget he exists for another 5 years and only rememebr when we end up playing against whatever club he ends up at then.

Definitely one or the other of those.


My first L of the window, may as well move to continental or keep here in case I guess tbh :santi:


Young Fellani. Dodged a bullet here tbh


The first “could have signed” of the Emre era.


hope the fucker rots, he is stupid signing a long term deal with PSG look at how they operate FFS they are happy to spend £220m on players you really think you are gonna get any decent playing time there unless there is a massive injury dumb fucker!