Hahah, that’d be something. I doubt it though. Apparently it’s all agreed between lawyers to prevent such a scenario. I’m sure Punk got a lot of stuff in return himself. Ace Steel has been rehired, and apparently Punk pushed for Andrade to come back and be ok Collision. He also wants to make Hobbs the next big thing.

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That clip was amazing when it happened. Everything that’s happened since has totally devalued it.

I have kinda missed that finishing move he does where he bounces off the turnbuckle on his thighs and does a somersault flip thereafter.

That’s all while wearing trousers from Zara.

That’s pretty badass.

I’m still a bit iffy on the guy. Tons of potential but it just hasn’t clicked for him. He’s also doing himself a disservice not improving his English. Dude is married to Charlotte, he’s been living in the US for so long, he speaks English like a toddlers speak their first words.

Although, sometimes it is hilarious(in a good way). But I’m not sure that’s the intention.

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Charlotte Flair? Wow. Fair play to him.

Yep, they’ve been a thing for a while now. Charlotte must have a thing for Latinos. I remember there were rumours she was with Alberto Del Rio before.

Funniest thing is Ric absolutely loves Andrade. He pretty much talks about him like he’s his son.

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Is that Michael Oliver reffing a game in the Saudi league?

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Yep, had a double take too.

I honestly think it won’t be long before Saudi joins the top leagues. They’re getting the World Cup in 2030.

Messi is joining Ronaldo and he’s bringing his friends too.

With the Club World Cup created I expect the borders to open up a bit. I think the goal is to make the Club World Cup the next big thing, above Champions League.

Wenger was talking about the ESL idea coming back and he somewhat implied the Club World Cup is an answer to it.

Why’s this being talked about in the WWE thread lol

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Up to the really good stuff now @DavidHillier @SRCJJ


Almost every RAW in 97 was better than a WWE pay per view now

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Im not saying you’re wrong but I feel every generation of fans says that about the era they grew up or got into wrestling with Vs modern wrestling. Even during the much vaunted attitude era I remember online discourse that WWF was no longer half of what it was in the mid nineties (!)

I stopped doing my PPV ratings but had to come in here to say that Bret vs Austin at Mania 13 is my favourite match ever. It’s perfect and is the start of a very important face turn for Austin here. I had to give it 10/10.

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This can’t be real!

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Is this the deadest PPV since AEW came to be @DavidHillier?

Sounds like ticket sales have been awful. The first Collision show that was announced on Wednesday has already outdrawn Double Or Nothing on a rumour that Punk will return.
I honestly expect DoN to have the lowest buyrate ever.

TK can’t complain. The show has overall sucked since All Out. Not a single storyline to invest in. Not a single character to invest in. There is zero heat in everything. Crowds are not as rowdy as they used to be. Everyone looks like a joke. They’ve completely undone all the good work and progress they’ve made from 2021-2022.

Collision can’t come soon enough. This whole thing needs a massive reset cause it’s going nowhere at the minute.

Anyway, is anyone watching Night Of Champions tomorrow? I’m honestly feeling an AJ upset.

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Very WCW :grinning:

Yeah I was kinda hoping Dynamite would pick up a bit as the football season ends. Gives me something to watch on Saturday. Doesn’t look like it will for now.

The Punk addition will naturally give the show a spike in ratings. I think he may need to have a broader creative licence once reinstated. The ideas seem devoid of excitement at the minute.

There’s quite a lot wrong with WWE’s Saudi shows but quite high on the list is that the women have to wrestle in those stupid full body suits and even the female refs have to wear long sleeved shirts under their ref shirts.

I mean I know it’s Saudi culture and very much WWE’s fault for running shows there but honestly, women in athletic clothing is really that unacceptable? Don’t they show Olympic sports there?

Fair play to the women for actually making it work though. I remember the first one was pretty embarrassing but they’ve really embraced it since and the gear looks top notch.

Becky dressed like Bride from Kill Bill. Looked pretty cool, especially with the blood today.

It varies in its quality, Ronda did one a year or so ago where she wore her judo gear which looked pretty cool. Becky and Trish both had gear about as good as it can be, Rhea and Natalya wrestled in what looked like leather bin bags. Belair and Asuka just looked like they were wrestling in their entrance gear.

It’s just a bit bizarre.

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