One of the best of his generation but when nobody likes you everywhere you go then you are probably the problem lol


Absolutely, no denying his talent, and kinda saw where he was coming from when he left WWE. The guy has a massive ego tho and if he doesn’t get what he wants he bitchs and moans about it, I don’t know one wrestler has any good words to say about Punk.

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The thing is that he shat on a lot of top guys who paid their dues because he believed he deserved more

Think he burned bridges with Taker, HHH and also had some disparaging things to say about The Rock getting top billing too.

There’s levels to this and The Rock is generational talent and one of the most famous men on earth and Punk got in his feelings because Rocky got top billing over him and beat him for the gold.

Kevin Owens literally jobbed for a near 60 year old Steve Austin and probably looks at that as the pinnacle of his career in terms to exposure and opportunity lol. Punk on the other hand bitches about dropping the belt to The Rock


Punk absolutely had a point in his dispute with WWE. He was a top star and draw for them and was paid a fraction of what some of the big names were getting at the time and they ran him into the ground too.

His spell in All Excrete Wrestling wasn’t up to his standards though, some very average matches against some very average opponents almost without exception. And having made himself the problem again, I can’t see WWE being interested in bringing him in to be a toxic presence in a reportedly much happier company when what he does in the ring now doesn’t measure up to what he did in the past and I also think the AEW spell has damaged his drawing power.


AEW Dynamite Gramd Slam has to go down as one of the best Dynamite shows ever.

So, so good. Excellent to see AEW bounce back after the fallout from All Out.

SURAYA :heart_eyes:

I dont think GC is coming back

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What a load of bollocks. Putting the title on a midcarder (at best) and bringing in a former wrestler who could paralyse herself if she gets in the ring. (Not that that would stop their man-bitch owner)

AEW is firmly in the mud.

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What title?

And I’m not sure Paige is going to wrestle.

It was a very good show.

The world title, which they put on Dean fucking Ambrose :joy::clown_face:

Paige coming back to wrestle - fucking stupid
Paige coming back to not wrestle - fucking meh.

As for the rest, it will just have been average AEW shit. Talentless roster.


No getting over the lack of quality on that roster :joy:

Lack of quality across the whole landscape of wrestling tbh.

Like I say, this was an excellent show. Be difficult to follow it up.

Nah, WWE has quality across all three main brands.

It’s not hard to follow shit up with more shit.

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That’s what AEW fans would say about AEW if it were the market leader. It’s fans are just contrarians who are willing to accept shit and claim it was brilliant so they can support something that isn’t mainstream for the sake of it.

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I mean, in literal terms that just illustrates my point :grinning:

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I mean when you compare the 2, I’d much rather have a Bray Wyatt return over a Paige return. Paige never moved the needle much for me anyway. Much preferred Mrs Punk

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I was disagreeing with the use of the apostrophe.

I’m kind of biased on Paige. I thought she was pretty badass back in the day. The Lass Kicker before the Lass Kicker.

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