Looks like HHH feels the same about MITB as the briefcase was mugged off before the end of the show last night :joy:

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Thoughts on Cena announcing his retirement tour next year?

Cena’s retirement next year, as announced at MITB, looks like being fun. I expect him to put over some new talent and have a couple of matches with old rivals.

I hope most of his work is with up and coming guys but I’d like to see at least a one off match with Orton and one with Punk as well for old times sake.

Given his previous storyline with Bray, I’d like to see some follow up with Bo Dallas and his stable.

I like that he’s doing a proper run and I’m also glad he’s not retiring at Wrestlemania. WWE has reserved too much for Mania in recent years. It’s good to see big stuff can happen elsewhere as well. Even if this is probably mostly to do with having something big for the first year on Netflix.

Given that he’s wrestling January - December, I wonder if there might be a bespoke PPV in December for his retirement match, given WWE don’t currently have any December PPV on the books.

Want them to break Flair’s record with Cena.


I think that will happen. He might even win the title in his last match.

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I was making a case before that he won the world title against either Orton or Punk at Mania next year, thinking that was his last match. So he could retire champ.

I think something like that is possible.

I know convention is that you lose your last match but I think in Cena’s case the ending you want is him solidifying himself as the :goat: WWE presents him as.

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Motor City Machine Guns looking like they’re WWE bound. Great tag team, about time they made it to the big leagues.

I thought they were going to AEW? Saw Sean saying somewhere that they were prepping them music and stuff.

Was an update a few weeks ago where it seemed imminent they were but that has quietened down now and the latest news is that they’ve talked to WWE too.

Sounds like WWE have signed Stephanie Vaquer too, super talented lady!


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I think she was wrestling Mercedes Mone only a fortnight ago lol

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Sasha Banks really wrecked her career walking out on WWE. Her profile is about a third of what it was a few years ago.

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Yeah that match is why they went for her by many accounts. Great signing, she’s great.

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Everyone is starting to see how egotistical the person is now. I’ve known it for ages. She walked out of WWE twice lol not even Punk did that

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I really don’t see what she had to be so unhappy about. Even with Vince’s reticence to feature women, she was pushed as a main eventer pretty much her whole run. She was able to branch out into other media and was really on her way to being seriously successful. Even if she came back to WWE now she wouldn’t be what she was.

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Didn’t see that Mariah May betrayal coming @Annie85x

Thought it’d be the other way round ahead of Wembley. Toni the pantomime villain and Mariah the victor in her home city.

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Yeah! Definitely expected a turn but not necessarily the way it went. Definitely think Mariah gets the hometown win, just bit surprising she’ll be the heel.

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I do wonder what Pac has up his sleeve for All In. All very cryptic.

I was convinced it was gonna be MJF/Will at All In, but with the match on Wednesday I wonder if it ends up being Will/PAC at Wembley and MJF/Garcia

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