Lol funny you say that as this match is one of my favourite go to. Hollywood Rock was the best heel

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I think it was in Toronto it all started. He genuinely came out expecting to be cheered. Got booed and tried to do the “Finally…”

Rock: “no, no, no, you can’t join in. You booed the Rock. None of this “oh my god, he said Toronto”. You booed the Rock”

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Classic promo :joy::joy:

Really puts todays heels to shame lol. Hollywood Rock and JBL have been the best handsdown over the last 20 years nobody really comes close

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Just a small random thought.

Even if the actual match only went 10 minutes, The Rock Vs LA Knight would be an awesome feud.

Was in Osaka for the NJPW show tonight…

That United Empire/Bullet Club Wargames match was fucking insanity, so many dangerous bordering on death spots.
And Danielson/Zack Sabre Jr was a legit MOTY contender already.


Wargames?! In Japan?!

Yeah! Similar concept anyway.

It was a single ring with a massive fuck off cage around it, Ospreay/Finlay started 1 vs 1 for 5 mins then every 2 mins another team member would join then when everyone was in the cage was locked and murders commenced. Was crazy.



Oh, they’re definitely doing Roman & Rock v Seth v Cody Day 1, Seth v EC winner and Roman v Cody Day 2.

So I guess The Rock heel turn may have been a ruse.
People speculated it about it when it happened but it sounded pretty silly for them to do that storyline wise so it didn’t get too much attention.

However, after Smackdown it does feel like they may be setting up for a Mike Tyson type betrayal at Wrestlemania.

Will be bummed if they go that route personally but I guess they don’t want The Rock staying “heel” beyond Mania.

I don’t think they can keep him heel beyond Mania. They can barely keep him heel now, loads of cheers in the crowd last night.

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Rock trying his best to heel the hell out of the crowd and it’s only half-working because they’d rather cheer :joy: This roster is finished.

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Anyone watching Elimination Chamber tomorrow?

I’ve looked up the start time 4 times and I was still unclear whether it’s tomorrow morning or Sunday morning.

Saturday morning. 10am I believe

Imagine trying to watch Smackdown and that :joy:

Lol, I saw some screenshots online of some EC event that was on, I thought I messed up the air time but thankfully it’s just some sort of panel show.

The show does indeed start at 10AM.