Same thing lol they were basically what the WWF’s answer to the NOI.

but I only just noticed that :rofl:

True, with Ron Simmons posing as Farooq, it was easy to see what the WWE were basing it on lol

Anyone remember when DX put racial slurs in the NOD locker room and they blamed the Hart Foundation for it?

Without being snowflakey, WWF was so dodgy politically haha. Imagine these days if they set up a troupe of wrestlers to play as the Nation of Islam in heel roles and basically encourage everyone to fucking hate on them :joy:

Imagine The Godfather and his ho train in the age of Me Too :joy: :joy: :joy:

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Sorry to break it to you but I have it on good authority that pro wrestling is a work.


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You definitely couldn’t have a 70 year old woman giving birth to a hand nowadays either.

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Yeah and when Macho Man kayfabe shagged an underage Stephanie McMahon.

Wait, hang on…

Oh yeah wtf was that all about Mae Young ffs :arteta:

@JakeyBoy check out this monstrosity :poldi:


How on earth did Vinnie get away with that?! :joy:

Since everyone is changing their profile pics to wrestlers, I followed the crowd. I didn’t really start getting into it until about 2001 or so iirc. I missed a lot of the attitude era


Very good choice. Angle was a really good heel at his peak. No doubt about that. And he was an amazing wrestler - one of the best to ever do it


Literally he was one of the best ever with his gold medals that he never let us forget about lolol. I really loved Angle, one of my favorites. I knew a guy he went to high school with and some of the stories he told me only made me love him more :joy::joy:

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Angle proved the perfect heel foil for the likes of Austin, the Rock and Triple Bore.

2000 was Angle’s year


Some of the shit he did to make matches amazing was mankind level.

Great wrestler

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Anyone heard of AEW? A very real threat to WWE set up by Cody Rhodes, no less. Rumoured to be stealing talent like Sasha Banks and Randy Orton.

Vinnie’s shitting it

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Yeah and bankrolled by the billionaire owners of Fulham too. Glad to see some competition hopefully the product picks up too because the decline has been very steep over the last 15 years.

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Rumours of CM punk too

You know what happens to people who mention CM Punk…

You just made the list

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I can’t change my avi cos that pooch is a legend but I loved Shane O’Mac. :smile:

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I remember when he called Vinnie Jones a poof in a roundabout way at Capital Carnage