Wrestling Thread- WWE, AEW, (other)

I can recall one iron man match he had with Sting in the old WCW. Kudos to Flair- that was a good match.

Other than that, he couldn’t carry WWF/WWE like Hogan, Bret, Austin, Rock and Cena have.

Hogan mentioned in the 30 for 30 that Flair carried him in the match.

Different eras from then and now. Flair always put on a show when I would see him live as kid. Good times in the old Omni.

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You lucky people Tyson Fury has just joined your ranks.:joy::joy:

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Hahahahaha :joy:

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Early/mid 1990s Shawn Michaels was incredible!

Before he felt the need to or was ordered to bulk up like the rest of them


Good article.

Davey Boy should have won

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Anyone watching the Royal Rumble? Don’t even know the date or the entrants!

@GC-Maniac, any word on AEW? I haven’t had time to watch another PPV since the inaugral Double or Nothing super show. Wonder if the ones following that were any better…

Haven’t watch since they went to BT.
AEW just got renewed till 2023 on the US side of things, which I assume will carry over here. They also got ordered to prepare a second show to air each week. They have a PPV next in February. Apparently they don’t want to overdo PPVs. Instead, they have specials, which if I’m not mistaken are gonna take place in the next two Dynamite shows(that’s their weekly show).

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anyone going to be watching the royal rumble? it’s the only thing of wwe I really watch these days, love it

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I think I’ll watch it after work on Monday. Ah, word of advice- don’t go on BBC Sport after the event but before you’ve seen it. They give spoilers

So they report on it like it’s an actual sport, rather than a television show?

Yep lol.

It’s so damn frustrating.

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You should avoid any sort of news outlet or social media actually. Big WWE events like the Rumble and Wrestlemania are getting loads of traction for a day or two. Very, very tough not to run into spoilers.

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@DavidHillier I always watch it the day after and stupidly look up the spoilers before I do, like an idiot

I’ve finished the first 2 matches. The second match being the women’s RR.

The women’s RR is often a good watch, and this year was no exception. It just shouldn’t be billed last, as it was in last year’s PPV. Gives it such a weight of expectation and, ultimately, disappoints.

(Can we continue to post any results as spoilers for the time being please, guys? I’ve still not finished it lol)

I can’t believe [REDACTED] won the rumble. For starters I’ve never heard of him!

Sorry @DavidHillier now you know it was a him.

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Special moment for Edge returning 9 years on from essentially forced retirement. Loved seeing his legendary entrance again with the pyrotechnics. Great performer.

Can’t believe they haven’t ousted the cunt Michael Cole from commentary yet. Kills each and every moment with his dog shit voice.

Edge was flawless back in his prime: