Wrestling Thread- WWE, AEW, (other)

Seeing some positive messages towards him today, I wonder if there is more to the story.

It’s all a ploy. He will be back in WWE by next year. Either a surprise for Rumble or post-Mania.

Only one leaving is KOR.

Funny thing is Dave Meltzer(WOR) says that people think both are staying and Sean Ross Sapp(Fightful) says both are leaving.

Yep, there is.

I think they just wanted an excuse to release him

He can join the Hardy Office (or whatever it’s called) in AEW now :grin:

KO is all el…oh wait, he’s staying put :grin:

So are they putting the title on him?


Still can’t believe that happened :grin:

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What’s this death match shit anyway? All that barbed wire and weapon shit is so dire. I’m totally team Cornette, it’s garbage death match crap

P.s. that botch was WCW circa 2000 level of bad lol


Do you remember when they brought this guy in? :grin:

Honestly AEW is complete garbage ahaha. The way they all stand their and wait for the jump is just ridiculous.

Wrestling is obviously fake but the best wrestlers make that shit look good. These circus freaks are literally Indy inspired fucks

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The shit AEW die hards overlook to WWE-bash is hilarious.

Literally anything AEW do is gold in their book.


Agreed. Although, to AEW’s credit those things are like ancient history now.
AEW has took a turn since Punk debuted. It’s mostly good stuff now, except when the Cucamonga Kids feature. :face_vomiting:

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Hard decisions need to be made and their bloated roster trimmed but sounds like they don’t want the bad pr?

Pleeeeaase no spoilers for the world title match tonight, peeps :+1:

Most of AEW’s roster is on more reasonable contracts. There are different tiers and most talent are allowed to work elsewhere too.
The upcoming year is pretty big for them though as most contracts of the originals that were signed in 2019 were 3 years long. Khan said he’ll respect the contracts, but he admitted that some contracts won’t be renewed.

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Checks out. I did have my doubts over him going to AEW precisely because he now has a family. He used to have a rep before WWE about being very demanding on how he’s booked but I think he’s okay with his position in the card as long as he gets paid well.
Still, he should be wary. WWE’s contracts aren’t something to rely upon.

Owens is a clown. I watched a few of his old ROH stuff once and his selling was comical. Not Ric Flair comical where it had charisma, just flat out comical selling.

Props to him though he’s managed to secure a guaranteed contract worth a lot of damn money

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