Wrestling Thread- WWE, AEW, (other)

A bit of that yeah. He’s turning into a Cena lite as a character and people don’t like it.
I think it started when he had his feud with Ogogo and changed his character into being a full-on American Patriot.

He’s fully aware of the boos btw and has highlighted many times he won’t be turning heel because of it.

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Which wrestlers throughout history could have star studded matches between gimmicks they’ve portrayed?

Immortal Hulk Hogan v Hollywood
Razor Ramon v Scott Hall (not so much a gimmick I guess)
Cactus Jack v Dude Love v Mankind (props to Mick Foley for getting all three over)

Any more?

Dr. Of Thuganomics Cena vs. Super PG Cena


Luke Harper vs Brodie Lee
Kevin Nash vs Diesel
Goldust vs Dustin Runnels


WCW Chris Jericho vs Y2J Chris Jericho
2000-01 Rock vs Hollywood Rock

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Ultimate Warrior in orange trunks -vs- Ultimate Warrior in white trunks


Stunning Steve Austin v Stone Cold
The Blue Blazer v Owen Hart

Apparently some promoter is offering Naitch big money to have one more match with Sammy.

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It’d be crazy just to see Naitch in some capacity at AEW.

He doesn’t even need to wrestle.

With the old TNT links he has, surely it’s a question of when rather than if?

Not sure if I discussed this here. I sure have somewhere. :rofl:

Yeah, Ric is Tony’s favourite wrestler. He used to go with Tony Flair in forums in the past. Ric has befriended Tony a while ago and it seemed certain he was gonna join AEW when he left WWE but then that DSOTR episode dropped and then some other events followed that got him heat.

Ric is certainly looking for a payday so you have to wonder if that makes Tony sceptical but I don’t think he gives a shit. As you say, it’s more of a when than if.

I personally wonder if we see Jim Cornette on AEW TV. He’s another one of Jim’s favourites but 90% of that locker room has beef with Corny.

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I really wanna watch that DSOTR episode :pensive:

You haven’t?

Gargano is all elite

Is he really? I still don’t think so.
Looks to me WWE made a pretty big deal of his last TakeOver. Would be nuts if WWE did all that for him to leave and join the rival.
Think it’s more likely we see him brought up to the main roster.


Jeff Hardy has been released

Gotta be linked to his behaviour at the house show the other night

Yep. Apparently WWE offered him rehab and he said no so they binned him off