Wrestling Thread- WWE, AEW, (other)

Geez, woke up to more WWE releases.

One of the replies :nauseated_face:

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WWE has conditioned their fanbase to think like that unfortunately. This is a terrible look for WWE who keeps boasting their financials every quarter.

The company is definitely getting sold within the next 2 years. I certainly expect more releases by May of 2022.

I hope this influx of free agents starts another indy boom and talent can easily find a way to get an income.

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Yeah WWE keep doing more and more stupid shit which is just giving them a bad name. AEW is the way forward and I don’t even watch this shit anymore

FFS, I succumbed to the teases of The Rock making an appearance at Survivor Series, so I went ahead and watched the PPV.


The bastards were teasing The Rock making an appearance throughout the show and even teased Brock too. We did get Vince McMahon making an appearance and setting up a weird golden egg mystery. Anyway, neither Rock or Brock showed up. The matches were meh, the finishes were horrible and lazy. Yet another bad PPV from WWE and a waste of time and money. It’s honestly getting from worse to worse.

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That’s linked to The Rocks new film on Netflix

Yeah, I learned that today from Twitter.
Apparently it’s a good film?

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It’s very enjoyable

Christ. Seth did really well there to protect himself and subdue the guy.

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Stayed in character too. :xhaka2:



Yeah it looked the fan was battering Seth tbf.

He’s not wrong lol

Chavo would get launched if that guy came at him at that pace and out of nowhere.

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Yeah but he was never a main event guy. Nowadays the top guys would get handled by fans lol

Some of them maybe but WWE also has some legit guys on top like Lashley, Lesnar and Reigns.

I think it’s a bit shit to call wrestlers out on this sort of thing as they aren’t meant to be legit tough guys.


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Great pre-Thanksgiving Dynamite

The MJF-CM Punk opening sequence gave me some maddddd chills.

Why does Cody Rhodes keep getting booed? Do the fans think he’s burying talent, a la Triple Bore?

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