Wrestling Thread- WWE, AEW, (other)

Where was Bret?

Can’t have a Raw reunion without the best there is, best there was and best there ever will be

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surprised the rock didn’t show up, maybe they didn’t want brett after he was in aew the other month

Was more cringey stuff from what I hear.

Get some ancient beer bellied legend to come on and bury the new talent every so often, WWE modus operandi.


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Why were they having a reunion?

Their TV ratings haven’t been great so NBCUniversal requested it to get a ratings spike.


@GC-Maniac was the last AEW PPV any good?

Good, yes. Great, no.
For a PPV price of £15 I would go for the WWE Network at £10 if I’m honest.
Gonna give their TV show a chance though.

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AEW All Out PPV was very good, with Bucks vs Lucha Brothers ladder match been fantastic. Omega/Pac and Allin/Havoc/Janella were also excellent. Cody/Spears was a old school type match was very good. AEW Title match with Jericho/Page was enjoyable. The opening six man tag with Jurassic Express and SOC was a ton of fun. The only matches that were meh for me were Dark Order vs Best Friends and The women’s match Riho vs Hikaru Shida.

I’m liking AEW so far, it’s tag division and main event talent is fantastic. They got some potential big stars, with Jungleboy, Luchasaurus, Hangman Page, Darby Allin, Hikaru Shida, Britt Baker, Private Party and MJF. I still think they need to work on their women’s division, not enough great talent in there and the ones that are are all part time Japanese talent.

But lot more pro then cons. TV should tell us more about them.


The thread title was outdated so I replaced TNA with AEW.

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This account is gold :joy::joy:


Natch’ always used to take the piss outta Mick Foley for his wrestling ability (calling him a glorified stuntman and what have ya) but when I see a video like that- man, I dunno. It’s almost ridiculous to call Ric Flair the best ever (or anywhere close to it, in that regard)

I have no doubt in my mind Naitch was an all time great. One of the top 10 to ever do it when you factor in charisma, ring skills, mic skills and just general longevity. My biggest criticism of Naitch is that he never knew when his time at the top was done so when he wanted to book himself as a main eventer way past the point that people still wanted to see Flair on top.

Either way, I definitely think he’s in the top 10. My top 3 will always be SCSA, Hogan and HBK (or Hart depending on my mood).

Swap Hogan for Sting and you got yourself a deal, young man

(Speaking of which, have you seen the trailer for the new WWE game? WWE2K20, or something. Very short promo trailer but it’s enough to give you goosebubbles, as Jens Lehmann says)

I haven’t seen it yet but I’m gonna watch it now!

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People are raging at WWE again

How come?

And whats this about Tyson Fury in WWE?

They made a Hell in a Cell match end in a disqualification :arteta:

And yeah lol I saw that, they got him to speak

Anyways, Dynamite highlights:

They got Jack Swagger/Hager now lol

Disagree. He’s one of the best ever—whole point was to put on a show and no one did it better. He carried guys in the ring with some epic matches.

Sure, he tried to stay at the top too long. The excellent espn 30 for 30 about him gives some insight, most of it was $$$ driven.

Peak Flair and the 4 horsemen—-wooooooooo!

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