Wrestling Thread- WWE, AEW, (other)

Had no idea these three met in the ring

Bit weird realising guys like Joe, Punk and Bryan have been around for two decades now.

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True. However, they still appear “fresh”, if you know what I mean.

AEW haven’t wheeled in Hogan or Flair here. They’ve got Bryan Danielson and CM Punk who have still got some good wrestling years in them.

Much as I truly hate myself for saying this, I think MJF may need to jump ship to WWE at some point to truly identify as a great heel. I wouldn’t want him to leave AEW (his worked shoots with Brian Pillman Jr only in the last couple of weeks have blown my mind, for example) but WWE is the final frontier for him that he has to explore…

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Do you think MJF would work in WWE, especially now with Vince being more hands-on and focusing on big guys again?

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MJF would basically be The Miz at best in WWE

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See, I’d have thought because of the WWE Universe and the pop he’d initially get. It would be akin to Y2J interrupting the Rock.

However, given the humdrum attitude of the WWE Universe (randomly booing faces, not being interested in matches in the slightest), I can actually now see MJF going to WWE being a complete and utter waste.

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Wrestling wars are back!

Smackdown and Rampage going head to head for an hour and a half this Friday.

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WWE are being very slow to react as well, feels like AEW are almost catching up to them already.

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Is Big E the champ now?

Smells of desperation.

Yeah, I ain’t feeling at all. WWE feels like a mess at the moment.

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AEW Rampage beat WWE Smackdown. And that’s during segments with Sasha, Becky, Roman, Brock and Heyman.
And who else was on the other side? CM Punk(poetic justice), Sydal(fka Evan Bourne), Bunny and Ruby Soho(fka Ruby Riott).

Funny thing is WWE initiated the fight. :grimacing:
Almost as embarrassing for Vince as the time he tore both of his quads the idiot.


Haha that’s fantastic, never seen that before. They are pros though, just roll with it as if it’s the plan…:slight_smile:


This might be fun.

Did anyone ever do them e-feds back in the day? I was pretty creative in one, ended up as champ. I’ve no idea now though how it all ended. Did I lose interest or did it fold. Hours of fun though.