Wrestling Thread- WWE, AEW, (other)

That awful tag match against Undertaker and Kane I think? Or maybe Batista I can’t remember

oh in saudi with michaels?

Yep. Believe he fucked his pectoral muscle like 5 minutes into the match

I think it was Batista actually.

I always thought he’d have one more, I always thought it would have been cool for him to put over a youngster on an NXT Takeover.

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So I googled it because it would of annoyed me if I didn’t and his last match was against Randy Orton on RAW in July which I completely forgot happened. Street fight

maybe he can still get involved but not go so hard?

That’s a brilliant idea. Shame it didn’t happen.
NXT is now going a different route so that ship definitely sailed.

Some of the knee jerk stuff WWE are doing, they know they’ve got competition now.

@SRCJJ :arteta:

Ridiculous lol. He looks the real deal physically. He’s basically a carbon copy of his dad and uncle in terms of his physique.

Very green in the ring but let’s see how he develops. Hate the name though, why does everyone need a name?

Bronson Steiner or Rex Steiner would have been perfect. His name is legendary in wrestling there is no need to change it lol. He’s the son of one half of the greatest tag team ever

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Vince not being able to trademark the surname is probably one reason why they’ve not gone with it?


Who’s watching Grand Slam tonight?

Only on Saturday after recording it on itv4 the night before

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Ah, have you considered AEW Plus?

Definitely worth it for me. FITE is very good.

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It might even be the only place to watch Dark Side of the Ring by my reckoning.

Series 3 isn’t available on any channel in the UK

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Yeah, waiting for Season 3 to become legally available as well.
Heard the outrage about the last episode and I’m intrigued to watch it myself.

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Yeah don’t watch it on the uploaded version on YouTube, mate.

It was like watching a pirate video from the 90s. I gave the pillman episode 2 mins then switched off. I was half expecting someone to stand up in front of the camera.

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Well, it was fun. Can’t wait for Rampage now. Twitter is full of spoilers though…

This is really good quality, just chopped a little bit at ad breaks. Surprised it’s lasted on there as long as it has already.