Wrestling Thread- WWE, AEW, (other)

Please bro.

I don’t want it. I just wanted you to make a wasted trip to this thread.



@GC-Maniac is right. This is a very good PPV


Saw the highlights, looked very good. The Rhodes match was one of my favourites and

Intro of Dean Ambrose/Jon Moxley was great

Yes, the Rhodes brothers put on a great match.

Luccha brothers v Young Bucks was marginally better, I thought

I’m kind of disappointed because I paid for the event on itv box office but didn’t get to watch whilst it was still showing, they repeated it every 4 hours but only had it on for about a day, would have been better if they showed it over about a week

Nah, Bucks suck. Terrible workers.


Was there another AEW PPV last night?

Yeah fyterfest. Was free on BR

Didn’t watch it tho

What’s BR…:man_shrugging:

Bleacher report lol

That’s for the US though. Positive you had to buy the event on Fite.TV to watch in the UK. Imagine paying 9 pounds for that card. :joy::rofl:

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Lol cool cheers man.

If it’s anything like the last PPV, it should be sick

Was there another AEW ppv last night?

Yep. Personally waiting on All Out which should be a good card. FyterFest and Fight For the Fallen just weren’t worth the hassle of going through Fite.TV and paying ~10 pounds each.

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@BigWeng_4LYFE :wenger2:

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then Undertaker replies with “I’m digging holes for your souls, RIP”

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Man those were great years. Not only for the wrestlers too but nobody could bring excitement to a match like JR. I’ve tried watching lately but it’s just not the same. The talent athletic wise is still good but the characters just aren’t as good as they were then.

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the glass breaking from stone colds music still gets me today, amazing

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