Wrestling Thread- WWE, AEW, (other)

Can’t wait mate :grin:

Pillman and the Dynamite Kid on this series

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The first half will feature episodes on Brian Pillman, Nick Gage, Collision in Korea, Ultimate Warrior, Grizzly Smith and the Smith family (Jake Roberts, Rockin Robin Smith and Sam Houston) and Dynamite Kid. The Brian Pillman episode will be two hours, which suggests it will have two parts like the Chris Benoit episode. That would actually make it seven episodes if that’s the case.

It was that there would also be episodes on Chris Kanyon, XPW, FMW and Johnny K-9/Bruiser Bedlam. Presumably, those episodes, along with the remaining three or four, will air in the second half.

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Looks sick.

Wonder when it’s gonna be shown in the UK

It’ll be on YouTube like 24 hours after


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So true, isn’t it, Josh?

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He has a point lmao

Would you rate any of HHH’s matches really highly?

People talk about the 3 stages of hell match with Mankind at RR 2000, but I thought even that was “meh”

Best H match I remember is probably him vs Taker at Mania 28, mainly because he worked with Taker


His matches with Rock at Backlash and Judgement day 2000 were pretty good.

I’m watching the Michael Scott Paper Company episodes of the Office US and thought of you, ironically

HHH has had plenty of great matches. I don’t even like the guy but off head;

Stone Cold @ No Way Out 2001
Taker WrestleMania trilogy
The Rock @ Backlash 2000 and Ladder Match at Summerslam 1998
Cactus Hack at Royal Rumble 2000
Shawn Michaels comeback match at SummerSlam 2000

He’s delivered on plenty of occasions. He earned his spot as one of the top heels of his generation. I don’t like him, I don’t think he was innovative and I don’t think he gets so far without marrying Stephanie and being part of the Kliq but he’s paid his dues and wrestled in plenty of top matches.


HHH was just overrated relative to how he was pushed (Which was strong almost the entire time). He wasn’t Jeff Jarrett levels of bad.

Biggest sin of his push was getting out of hand has to be his match versus Chris Jericho for the undisputed championship. Okay Jericho beats Stone Cold and The Rock TWICE in PPV’s. Just for HHH to wipe the floor with him at Wrestlemania. Come on that doesn’t wash with me. HHH pulled off some strings behind the scenes there.

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That was fucking disgusting.

Ruined a WM with Rock v Hogan and Flair v badass Taker.

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The victory over Booker T at WM 19, with Booker T the hot babyface and Triple H as the thinly veiled racist character who said “people like you” don’t get to be champion was the most egregious of his overpushing victories.


What a depressing run this was. Imagine watching TNA at the time…

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Jarrett never drew a dime. Guys like him had no business being main event stars.

Decent in the ring but a total mid carder.

1999-2001 WCW should have been built around Steiner, Booker T, Jericho, Benoit, Goldberg, Sting, Bret Hart, DDP (although his star started to face by late 98). Jarrett should have been nowhere near the WCW title.

And his TNA world title run was a disgrace. That company had so much more going for it than letting Jerry’s son monopolise the world title scene.

On another note - TNA had so much potential before they turned to Bischoff, tried to go head to head with RAW and also stopped being a unique company and started to build around the wrong people.


Jarrett was literally only the man at TNA because him and his old man owned it

Wait, there is a throwback SmackDown show tonight?