Wrestling Thread- WWE, AEW, (other)

TakeOver was pretty crap for the most part, main event was sick though. Loved it. Almost went the Dragon Ball route for a sec but thankfully didn’t overdo it.
Mania was a’ight. A bit too feel good I guess? Maybe keep them a few and inbetween? Some were lost in the shuffle imo.
Anw, Raw was solid as well. Nothing groundbreaking though. Hard to outdo past Raw after Manias, 2013 will never be replicated.

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Miss these days.

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Enjoy lads.

Vince really is a monumental bellend, and a really strange person :arteta:

I mean ffs :poldi:

:arteta: :poldi:


Apparently it’s going to be free to air on ITV.

It’s on ITV Box Office for £14.95. The pre-show is on ITV4.

Will they have a weekly episodic show?

In October. On TNT in the USA, same network that used to run WCW. Not sure about on the UK yet but I imagine that they will.

They trademarked ‘Tuesday Night Dynamite’ a while back so the rumour is that 2 hours weekly live on Tuesdays from October. Something backed up by comments from Jim Ross too.

I’m going to watch AEW every week when it gets a weekly show in the UK, I watched WWE/WWF as a kid and then stopped as I got older, then I found TNA in about 2008/9 and watched that up until about a year ago because it just wasn’t that great anymore, I still look on youtube at WWE and TNA every so often, but I miss watching wrestling every week so I’m going to try AEW

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I thought that ITV will air the weekly show and PPVs will be on ITV Box Office (starting with Double or Nothing) no?
If not confirmed I’m sure it’s implied.

I’m sure that the ITV box office is just going to be showing the ppvs, I don’t think they have a channel for the weekly show in the uk yet

They’re probably waiting to see how the PPV does. If WOS got a show I’m sure AEW’s chances are good.

yeah hopefully it does well, that makes sense

Ashley Massaro died. RIP

Dat smile from Vince at the end :grin:

Vid just needed a pedigree from Triple H to achieve perfection


Triple H would have loved to have had the last laugh, the egotistical son of a bitch.


Anyone watching double or nothing? Is it any good?

Finished just minutes ago. Solid buy. Would recommend. Although you should have watched it live for any possible (wink, wink) shock factor.

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I have a link for it if anyone wants it (PM me)


Send that over please mate.