Wrestling Thread- WWE, AEW, (other)

Thoughts on Ospreay finally showing up in a major promotion in the US?

His match against Dax was a banger. I wonder if Cornette is finally coming around after that. Haven’t listened to the podcast yet.

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Incredible match

I’d like to see him up against Orange Cassidy, weirdly. Where one is all about the wrestling is the other is a gimmick.

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That pop for Cassidy was something. He is the new Santino Marella.
Yes, a comedy character but hugely popular.

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Is that Jordan Devlin?

Aye. :sunglasses::wink:

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ZSJ v BD at a later date perhaps?

This ppv is cursed :joy:

Two new injuries today as well with the more notable one being Buddy Matthews. June 2022 really doesn’t like wrestling as a whole.

On another note, Haitch is back.

I like the idea of Malakai against Miro potentially at Forbidden Door (any replies to this may give away spoilers to Dynamite, so I don’t know what I’ve let myself in for lol)


Updated Forbidden Door card looks sick. Not sure if it can save the PPV though. Too little, too late maybe?

If it’s an annual thing, there is certainly a lot to learn for next time.


I actually really hate that exercise. I always think that what happened there with that dude is gonna happen to me, too.

Two more. What is happening?
I wondered why they weren’t booked for Sunday. Lucky this is a cross promotional PPV or AEW wouldn’t have enough star power for this event.

That heel turn and promo from Christian Cage @GC-Maniac

Absolute :fire:

Christian pretty much became the biggest heel in AEW and probably business in one promo.

“I never wanted to be your father figure. But you have a father, and he’s dead. He’d be ashamed and embarrassed”

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Yikes who’s he saying that about