Wrestling Thread- WWE, AEW, (other)

God HHH was insufferable around this time.


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How do you see the contract signing between Wardlow and MJF going on Dynamite?

Given that it’s in Long Island, I can’t wait for the crowd reaction.

I think they’re teasing ‘The Chairman’ Shawn Spears will be involved. Very likely to be some sort of handicap match.

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Giving A&E’s wrestling docs a watch.
Starting with the SCSA episode. That opening gives you chills.

What’s this on?

Watching it using VPN on their official site. It’s free if you’re in the States.
There other ways to watch it that doesn’t involve using VPN of course. :eyes:

Here’s a sneak peek:

Looks like a sanitised, WWE-slanted take. Worth a watch, but ain’t gonna be better than DSOTR

Backlash was a pretty good watch despite a card that didn’t seem to promise too much. Clocked in at just less than three hours too which I think is perfect for a non big 4 ppv.

Also it seems they’re looking to make Money in the Bank a stadium show, they really seem to want that to become an upper echelon show.

Yeah, Money In The Bank is probably close to replacing Survivor Series as a Big 4 show.
Tbf, it’s rare you’ll see a bad MITB match and nowadays show too. It’s easily the best concept WWE came up with in the modern era.
MITB shined during the pandemic and brought me back for a bit last year till WWE sabotaged themselves as per.

WWE really dropped the ball off their usual WM surge this year with RAW and SD but I will probably tune in for MITB anyway. At this point watching the shows weekly isn’t worth it. Just tune in for the big shows and their video packages will tell you the story.

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This is what turned me off initially but I am craving some wrestling doc drama and I’ve always heard people talking about the A&E docs so I decided to give them a watch.

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Oh most definitely. I was thinking this the other day.

RR remains the best and most enjoyable concept.

It’s a shame that the Survivor Series (traditional matches) and KOTR have died off somewhat. They were both so good.

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WWE was onto something with the bragging rights format of Survivor Series when they split the roster again in 2016 but it’s turned into another farce with people hopping from show to show willy-nilly.

Last truly great Survivor Series was 2014.

Big stakes on the line, a star making performance by Ziggler and a huge surprise in the end.

Naturally, WWE dropped the ball after that…

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They definitely need to change Survivor Series up, last years was dismal. The Raw Vs Smackdown thing doesn’t work unless there are some actual stakes as opposed to some nonsense about brand competition. I’ve often thought the champions that lose their matches should have to defend their title the following week on tv, or the survivor series teams survivors should get title shots or something.

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Vince: “Congratulations Dustin, we’re making you the champion”
Cody: “Wait, really? What am I saying? Let’s do this! You won’t regret this Vince!”
Vince: “I know I won’t. What a story huh? 30 years in the making…”


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That’s 2 months off. Interesting…
Hope it’s not related to his leukemia though.

Another part time champion. great.

Could explain why Cody was mixed in with Theory and the US Title. They’ll need someone to carry the live shows at the very least.
Can now see them putting the IC Title on Drew over on Smackdown.

I’d argue that had WCW catered MORE to the hardcore fan

This guy has never watched WCW. ECW catered to the hardcore fans.