World Cup switches to 48-team tournament


Yis can blame Ireland when this goes tits up I guess. :slight_smile:

Oh shit, I predicted this! Hah


Has 5 countries ever co-hosted the one World Cup? haha. Could be incredible to have a WC on our doorstep!


Nope, not even close. So far, Japan/South Korea in 2002 is the only occasion a World Cup has ever been staged between countries.

Of course the World Cup in 2026 sees the three mainland countries in North America hosting together, so it’s a very rare feat :slight_smile: Five countries sharing the World Cup would be pretty nuts!


Although Russia who just hosted it themselves is bigger than all 5 combined haha. So maybe it’s not so weird then hah


I guess that’s true. It seems like joint bids are going to become a more common occurance. 2030 so far all seems to be made up of joint bids, rather than any country wanting to go it alone. I guess no one fancies building tons of stadiums and then left with lots of empty white elephants after it’s over.