World Cup switches to 48-team tournament


One positive for England fans… they’ll only have to suffer for one game before they know they’re out.

Scotland is still fucked though and won’t make it.


If you’re going to say such things you really should tag @Calum and @Electrifying :slight_smile:


No matter what happens, even if it was a 128 team tournament it would still be the world cup, the most prestigious honour in the sport.

After a couple of 48 team WCs I doubt people will be missing the good old days of 32.


Should have just given every continent 8 spots on the world cup. With South/North-America and Asia/Oceania combined. But less European nations probably means less money.


I’ll definitely miss the less weird format of having 32 teams put into 8 groups.


World Cup 2026





He’s not wrong :santi:

It’s all good though, we’re a tennis nation. And the best one in the world at that.


Kick off has been altered,so i expect throw-ins will become kick-ins…The 18 yd line extended out to the wings and then you can only be off side if in the 18yd ZONE.queue Mexican wave, weh hey!!


Sorry to tell you this mate but the ATP recognizes Murray as british.



Finally Scotland can qualify to a big tournament @Calum @Electrifying :wink:


Indeed :coq:


If it means fewer qualifying games, then why not?

I’m fed up with having several weeks in the season with no PL games, just because of these pointless fixtures.

Who wants to see Germany, Spain or England playing countries like the Faroe Isles, San Marino and Lichtenstein, rather than a full PL fixture list?


The international calendar won’t change. Would likely just mean more friendlies.


I’m not against it, because you can’t deny people from smaller countries the chance to see their nations get a chance on the big stage. But everyone would have to accept the boredom and waning interest that would come with it.


Yes, you can, and you should. Why do some small island states that cannot muster enough good players, have to compete at the world cup? Fuck them and their raggety ass players. I can’t play for the Arsenal, I’m not fucking good enough.
And unlike me, they do indeed have a chance of participation - over a two year period, countries from all over the world have the chance to qualify for the tournament. The best of them will make it. Matter of fact, the WC isn’t even a tournament for the best teams in the world, but has a regional component as well, meaning good teams from Europe will stay home, while worse teams from the Carribean or Asia are allowed to partake, simply because of quota.


You’ve kind of defeated your own point at the end there I feel. It’s not a tournament of the best teams anyway so what real difference will it make letting in a few more not so good ones?


Well, the point is that there already is an imbalance of quota over quality. And your point, if I understand you correctly, is “it’s already shit, let’s make it worse?” The Arsenal way! :grinning:


No, because I don’t think it will be more shit in reality.

Also I’ve probably watched Cool Runnings a few dozen too many times and I’m a sucker for an underdog story. :slight_smile: