Workhorse Award 2018


  • Bl1nk
  • Calum
  • Luca_from_Italy
  • Mysty
  • Phoebica
  • shamrockgooner

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@Bl1nk @Calum @Luca_from_Italy @Mysty @Phoebica @shamrockgooner

Vote for your Workhorse member of the year from these six choices.

Luca just for the sheer amount of goal highlights he posts means I never miss a goal while am stuck at work

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What does this award mean? Someone who posts a lot? Not sure I get it

But lol if Luca wins an award while banned :joy:

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Pahahahahaha who nominated me for workhorse?! I’m lazy af. My sheer brilliance may make it seem like i’m trying hard, but it’s all completely natural :sunglasses:

The Workhorse award is in recoginition of someone, who goes ‘above and beyond’ in their efforts to make the Forum a better place. Basically :slight_smile:

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Luca spoiled me with ridiculously quick goal updates and organised listing.

That amount of work has to be recognised.

Gonna give my vote to the Dutchy, the Bl1nkster for this one. He’s been a Mod/Admin for 10 years now I believe, and he’s still passionate and dedicated as ever to making OA a good place to come with all the various things he’s done :slight_smile:


Ah thanks @Mysty and those who nominated and voted. Honoured to be nominated :grinning:. Don’t think there’s been a day in the last ten years that I haven’t logged on OA. Especially now it’s so accessible on phone. Here’s to many more years :beers:


This :ok_hand:

Agreed. Who nominated me? I didn’t even post a winners thread for the awards last year :arteta:

I’ve gone with Luca do his ability to keep us updated with all the goals and scores from all leagues across Europe. It wasn’t that clear cut as a couple of the moderators do a brilliant job at keeping this site up and running and enjoyable for all.




Gotta be @Calum. Even at my despondent best under Wenger Cal will post something that just keeps me interested enough too keep me going.


This award would become wide open, if I were to do a sudden u-turn and say banned members can’t be voted for :wenger:

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Luca is set to clean up at these awards, and the poor guy isn’t even here to enjoy it :arteta:

Is there a situation like this at the Oscars that anyone can think of?


Roman Polanski not being able to come to the USA to accept his best director Oscar in 2003 for The Pianist.

Not that I’d want to compare Luca to a child rapist.

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Im guessing cal would donate it too him if he wins it Mandela style.

:arteta: ffs.

I knew there was something, I think maybe some of the 12 years a slave people weren’t at some awards one year either.

Maybe next year we should call this the Ray Parlour award.