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Awesome. I just don’t want to be a designer, although I definitely love HTML and CSS. I hate working with Photoshop. I do enjoy building websites, and you can do a lot with just HTML and CSS these days. I know enough JS and jquery to use gulp and other web tools to make a mobile-first responsive website, as long as it isn’t too complex. Sadly most of the jobs that mainly look for HTML and CSS are for designers.

I can’t believe it’s taken me this long to go this route. I used to love playing with all back when you could still style within HTML.

So hoping to find a job by Easter, get a couple of years under my belt, and then hopefully we’ll be looking to move. I so want to move to NL. Better quality of life imo, especially for my son.

Would love to help! Thanks. I feel like I’ve finally found something I’m passionate about and can make a living doing. It’s just as important as work/life balance.

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Maybe we should start a tech thread of coders and designers. Sounds like there are quite a few on here.


I really like this thread (kudos to @k1tsun3)

Thought I might rescurrect it, see how everyone’s work situation is.

Mines good, work Monday to Friday 0730-1600 with Saturday’s optional for double bubble, also got my roster on and off location flexibility back.

My base rate is 85k but pushed that to 105k by working a few Saturday’s + public holidays over the course of the last 12 months. Still only 8 hour days max, so I consider myself rather fortunate.


Thanks @DavidHillier - I’ve managed to secure my first job as developer at a very small company. Just me and the owner. A massive improvement on work/life balance from teaching, and it’s the first time in a very long time I’m enjoying my work and not dreading Mondays.


Congratulations! I feel somewhat invested in your career after reading about it sporadically over the last year and a half, really pleased you’re happier with your new job, the hard work paid off!


That’s amazing!! How awesome that you’ve been able to pull off that career switch, that’s super cool.

Must be a great feeling :blush:


Really happy to hear this knowing how hard you’ve been working for it.

It’s great when people are able to strike a better balance between work and their life.

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That’s amazing kitsun.
Good luck with the switch

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Thanks @JakeyBoy @Cristo @SRCJJ @Trion - Massive pay cut, but so worth it and better pay potential with progression. Plus opportunities for bonuses. I’m also planning to take on one client at a time as a WordPress freelancer (just finishing up a website migration and redesign for a friend who has a tree surgery business).

On another good note, Arsenal granted my ST deferral request for next season. Having been out of work for 8 months, I couldn’t afford it and trying to find someone to take it over wasn’t easy. At least now I can get it back for the 20/21 season!


I’m semi retired as an accident investigator I enjoy life and I don’t want to retire because I don’t work hard. If I got busier I’d hate it but like everyone I like money. It’s always a balance between work and play.


Sorry for the long post ahead. I got inspired by the great stories here and wanted to share mine. It’s not only long but a bit of a rant, as well as being very therapeutical for me actually (I realised this when I finished writing lol). I’m in no way pretending that my experiences working for a risk capitalist owned company is unique by any means in this time and age, but this is my job story (so far).

I’m doing my last weeks at the dental clinic I’ve been employed at for the last 9 years. It has been a great place to work at, great colleagues and state of the art equipment set in a beautiful renovated historical conservation building. It’s a big clinic with 20 chairs and 35 employees in all, including various specialist dentists. We had fun during (and after) work, everyone helped each other out and did the outmost for the patients. The management visited us often and they had dental backgrounds themselves so they could relate to us. I’m not saying it was great all the time, but it mostly was and I couldn’t have been happier being a part of it.

This all changed 3-4 years ago when they merged us with another big dental company (run solely by 3 economists). It started of well, but within a year or so everyone in ”our” management and HR were replaced by fellow economists and all the spirit and forward thinking from the old company was erased.

Each employee got a scheduled meeting with one of the top dogs. It started of by him being late, calling me by the wrong name and sitting opposite of me in the room clicking on his laptop for over 10 minutes (I kid you not). Then he let of a big yawn in front of me (?!) and started to ask unrelated questions about work ethics, economic goals, if I planned to have any parental leave and then he showed me exactly (down to the penny) on a graph how much I cost the company each year, including salary, work fees, equipment etc. Very inspiring! Not a word about how much money I make them.

Last year for example I took it upon myself to do some repair work on the dental chairs. A cost saving of €5000 (not counting all the hours of work it took). I have also taken care of and serviced our 30+ computers, mounted new wall hangers for them, fitted benches along the walls in the treatment rooms, repaired refrigerators and washing machines etc like a damn caretaker.

Anyway, after this merge it went down hill pretty quick. We got a new boss for the region last year and he’s all about cost saving and bonus hunting instead of pay raises. I worked my ass off last year and according to his equation I would get a €2000 bonus. Conveniently he had got the calculation wrong and all I got was €500. I have it all on paper, but he denies that and I’m guessing it’s his revenge for me being outspoken and talking to the union about his methods. As long as you’re a yes-man however, your fine.

He also criticises employees for staying at home with ill children and having their parental leave. He even fired a colleague of mine, with the made up excuse that we had to few patients. According to Swedish law there is a 6 months window in which you can’t hire another person for the same job. These months have now ended and now they can start searching for her replacement. This is all done openly! Preferably they want a man or woman with grown up (or no) children. Meanwhile my boss at the clinic is too week (read afraid) to stand up for us and by being the yes-man, he is of course rewarded for taking the easy way out.

We have also raised our fees by almost 50%, we are instructed to charge for every little thing we do and we have shorter treatment times. If we aren’t finished we should recall the patient and finish next time, just so we can charge more. Needless to say some take shortcuts in their treatments to earn more money and once you start to go down that road… This is just a few examples and the tip of the iceberg.

I used to put pride in working for a company where care for the patients was the #1 priority. But now there’s no freedom left, no human ethics, just a bunch of bosses who have no clue what we do each day, but gladly tells us how to do our job. Since I started working there over 30 colleagues have left! At a clinic made for 35 employees. Most of them after the merge. What’s even more depressing is that they are now the biggest dental cooperation in Europe, with soon over 200 clinics and have recently established themselves in the UK too.

Needless to say this situation has caused me much stress, which started to take effect on my health. I’ve never been that guy with a short fuse, but this past year I really have! Mentally I have woken up in the middle of the night and felt anxiety just by the thought of going to work. So I decided that I’m not going to have a heart attack at 40 and last month I wrote my letter of resignation. Man that felt good! If your working for a psychopath, there is only one option - leave! You can never win that fight and never expect to be treated like a human being.

After the summer I’m starting (together with a former co worker) at a smaller clinic. I get better wages and way more benefits, but most importantly I have the freedom to decide my own work hours and how I do my job. There’s a lot of stuff to be done to get the clinic up and running, but it just feels so inspiring! No more Sunday anxiety and anger. I’m already happier when I’m at home and a much better dad. I’ve even lost some weight now my stress level is low.

Funny thing though is that I also have a uni degree in IT design and programming, like most of us here at OA :grin:If this new job doesn’t work out I’ll always have that to fall back on.

Anyhow, thanks for reading boys and girls, and again sry for such a long post :kissing_heart:


You’re a great man @Ocke. I’m sure the new job will work out excellently. I have similar experience to yours at an old job so I can fully sympathize. Good on you for giving these ass*oles the finger.


Good for you, bro. Did the right thing, go live your best life.

Can’t believe a nation like Sweden is also letting these vultures wild.

Dentistry needs some better regulation imo. Some of the stories I hear from my dentist friends…

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This bit fcks me right off (sorry for the industrial language)

My company showed me something like this. you cost us x amount in bonuses, you cost us x amount in pension contributions, you cost us x amount in cover so we’re going to host training events on Sundays. We’re also going to scrap your bonuses and you’re going to have to plan yoir holidays a whole year in advance. (For someone who doesn’t know what he’s doing at the weekend, you can imagine how difficult this is)

The sanctimonious sons of bitches try to justify any penny pinching, unscrupulous Sherriff of Nottingham bullshit tactics they adopt to save money.

They are always in the mindset that they’re doing the employee a favour by employing them. Once you start thinking like that, you’re only feeding your own ego


Why are you apologising you cunt?


Epic. Kudos my man and good luck in the new venture!


One week to go until the summer holidays (teacher).



Thanks for all the kind words and support :slightly_smiling_face:

@DavidHillier Exactly! The next step is removing your name on the shirt to your employee number.

@Electrifying Its a sad development and hardly what the dentist industry needs. I don’t know how the system works in other countries, but in Sweden it’s become to easy to lure the system and make extra profit.

@Gladiator Glad you got out of it, I can’t wait until my last day being their employee. :slightly_smiling_face:

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