Wolves Vs Arsenal (PL)

Premier League Match 22
Tuesday 02 February 2021
KO: 18:00 :clock6:
:tv: Sky Sports

  • Wolves win
  • Draw
  • Arsenal win

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Simply has to be a win as Wolves can’t score to save themselves.

If we get some of the key players we missed today back then I’m confident we’ll get a win. If we don’t then I can see some boring stalemate.

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would that be a 4am ko for you aus?

It’s 5am mate, works out for me as I can watch the game before leaving for work.


Why are people predicting a Wolves win? They have been so so so bad lately. They are bottom of the form table!!


this was our best performance in “project restart” if I remember we were buzzing about the win here back in the summer haha

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We really have to rotate here.
Would give Gabriel, Eddie and Elneny/Willock(if he is still here) a start.

We need to rotate I agree, the issue is if Elneny and Eddie both start the game will likely end 0-0.

It’s a predicament.


This is what I would go with:


Hopefully we get a good lead at HT, then rest Saka, ESR and Tierney.

Ceballos might be back and capable of going 60 minutes or so. I’d much rather see him in there than Elneny, especially in this kind of match when we’re likely to be on the front foot.

I just pray Saka is back for this one.


Partey has to start again, he’s barely played he needs the games.

Europa group stages ended in December mate.


I don’t get the joke.

With a 5 am start I think I’d be doing myself a great big bacon and egg sandwich with a high quality ketchup and a big cup or two of fine filter coffee. Then sit down to watch us demolish Wolves.

A perfect start to the day perhaps Aussie?


The alarm will be going off at 445am so I have time to get the coffee going before kick off, probably just enough time for me to Bitch about the line up also :wink:.

These 7am or 715am slots on weekdays are no good to me with work, although I was outside the cafe getting coffees for the boys at work last Wednesday morning and managed a big fist pump when I got alerted of Saka’s goal :joy:.


Thinking about it as you’re in your summer maybe some yogurt and fruit will be more in the mould with the coffee than the heart busting bacon and egg sandwich although now I’m dreaming of frying off the bread for my sandwich in the bacon fat.

Think I’m a walking heart attack in the making trying to pass on my dreadful habits to the younger generation on social media.


Yoghurt with blueberries and a coffee :ok_hand:t3:.

Hopefully an early goal for the Arsenal also.

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So you’re saying, they are due a win?


Yes. Exactly.

I don’t even need to look to know that you’ve predicted a Wolves win.