Wolves Vs Arsenal (PL)

Wednesday 24 April
Premier League Game 35
KO: 19:45
Not on TV

  • Wolves win
  • Arsenal win
  • Draw

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Can’t really predict until I see the starting 11, that’s what I’ve learnt from today’s game.


Praying for another Watford type result where we grind it out despite being absolutely shit, cause we will be.

Kind of turned into a must win this.

Yeah doubt we play against 10 men for 80 mins this time though sadly.

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Wolves seem to have dropped off a little lately.

Enter Arsenal.

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Yeah and we also won’t have a goalkeeper gifting us the goal on a plate either

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Hopefully they aren’t back to being game raising.

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I’m going Wolves for the Win, I hate myself for saying it. They pick up when they play top 6 teams and our away record is a disaster.

Mustafi, Elneny and Jenko wouldn’t have them in matchday squad ever again. Sokratis is back which is good news. Hopefully Xhaka too. Monreal in. Play our best 11 and hope we can pull out a win.

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Hate Arsenal sometimes.


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Think we’ve got more chance here than at Leicester actually because maybe they’re tailing off a bit. Score draw / 1 goal defeat

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I realize that I’m completely clutching at straws here, but the only possible silver lining of the Palace result is that we won’t be under any illusions that we have to win this one.

There was probably a danger that we could have gone to Wolves off the back of a win against Palace and we may have been a little more content to not grab this one by the scruff of the neck, but now we have to and everyone knows it.

There’s no fucking hiding and this is going to have to be a really good performance. No fucking around, everyone involved has to show up.


I fancy us in this one tbh. They struggle a bit in scoring goals at home for all their aproach work in games.
Think we wont get exposed quite as much and can control the midfield better against them. Confident of a 2 0 win.

I hope Emery treats this as a big game, like Napoli.

Maybe something can happen in that case

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Brighton gave them a game the other day, so you’d think we should Then again . . .

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Why can’t the PL do this??


EFL fixtures selected for broadcast throughout the season will not be available on iFollow, EFL’s live video streaming service

Please note, for UK users, matches within the blocked hours of 14.45-17.15 on Saturday afternoons will be blacked out and not available on iFollow. Fixtures taking place on Bank Holidays or Easter will also be unavailable.

It’s a nice idea, but if the same restrictions apply for the PL we’d rarely be available to “follow” anyway.

Is there any chance this will be unblocked ever? Also what’s the reasoning behind it again?

So that people don’t stay at home and watch on TV but go to games. I think

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That’s what I thought. Wasn’t 100% sure.