Wojciech Szczesny


Or as one might even say, back to Weally Sczczesnious matters.




I must admit I caught his Twitter profile the other day and couldn’t help but cringe.

His change in appearance is rivalled only by AC’s change in Wenger support.


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I’ve think you’ve found your outfit for your “big” birthday this year. You could definitely pull that off
[/quote]I’d be a total shoe in for Hipster of the Year, if someone bought me that for my birthday :kos2:

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Or as one might even say, back to Weally Sczczesnious matters.

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His change in appearance is rivalled only by AC’s change in Wenger support.
[/quote]I’d say it’s more rivalled by AC’s appalling ‘jokes’ :gabriel:


In Miami with a supermodel in the car too, you left out the best part.


Lewis looking like a 2017 soundcloud rapper


Vettel or Bottas should win the title just so abominations like that never prosper.


Miss this guy


More than capable of doing everything Cech did last night and worse


People really have memory failure, this guy was appaling for us at one point. I’d keep Cech everyday of the week at least Cech is capable of pulling off a world class save.


You would think we sold de gea or something lol.


So can Szczesny. And he is 8 years younger. All goalkeepers make howlers every now and then. Szczesny improved at Roma and doesn’t seem to make as many of them anymore.


I agree :joy:

We sold a keeper who’s ego was bigger than his talent, he was ok but distinctly average in my opinion. Cech makes the odd mistake here or there but I’m a lot more confident with him between the sticks than I ever was the Sheryl.


Getting rid of Szczesny isn’t a big deal. He didn’t show the same promise as some of his peers. The problem is how we replaced him.


With perhaps one of the best goalkeepers the EPL has ever seen?

I’ll take a dig at the club over almost any of our recent transfer dealings but Cech was a fine signing. How could we know he’d leave all his pashun back at the Bridge.


Because he was 33-years old and was surpassed by another goalkeeper already? For the record I wasn’t against the signing when first announced, but would have preferred a younger player. Something we need to do next summer anyway…


Chelseas current goal keeper would have left if he wasn’t made number 1 after being on load at athletico for about 5 seasons, Cech wasn’t dropped because he was better than him it was because he was about to leave if not given he number 1 spot


Sure. But would they have sacrificed the greatest goalkeeper in their history, if Courtois wasn’t a great goalkeeper himself?


I don’t think not being Chelsea’s first choice is a reason to bash Cech. At the time he would have been no1 at pretty much every other PL club. It was just unfortunate that Chelsea also had another quality keeper - one who will be around for years to come.

Aside from the fact that it was our only signing that summer, I was pretty pleased at the time that we got Cech in. But he is in decline, that’s clear as day. I don’t imagine he’ll win us the 15 points a season that people often quote. I think selling Szczesny without getting in a keeper to compete with Cech was a mistake.


Agreed. But since we still haven’t sold Ospina, and probably aren’t going to, it doesn’t make sense for Wenger to sign another goalkeeper.