Wojciech Szczesny


He made some great saves in 14-15




Worry not, Juventus kit man. There’s still Gooners who can’t spell it after all these years. :stuck_out_tongue:


you would at least think he would find out before doing it, the guy needs sacking


It was probably some fucking work experience kid who actually printed it.


he needs some new work experience then


He’s a Belieber!



That’s actually the first one of these I’ve seen that wasn’t terminally cringeworthy.


That is one of the biggest insults you can throw at a man.


Hater, his newest album is really good. AND DESPACITO, HOW CAN YOU NOT LOVE DESPACITO??


Bieber 2016/17 is amazing


What’s one step above terminally cringeworthy called?


People living in the past hating Bieber


Bieber is a bell end !! :joy:


Biebs is a G. The second he got caught street racing in a lambo while smoking weed I decided to like him.

Edit: wait, that happened right?


The fact that Justin Beiber hangs out with Lewis Hamilton, says everything you need to know about both of them :hipster:


That they’re both hip and happening people? :henry2:


A bit harsh, apparently Bieber’s not too bad a driver…


[quote=“Phoebica, post:317, topic:1140, full:true”]
That they’re both hip and happening people? :henry2:
[/quote]Well, that’s probably what Lewis thinks in his mind. In reality though…

The fucking state of him :coq: :facepalm:

Anyways, enough of dreadful fashion statements, back to Wojciech matters :smiley:


I’ve think you’ve found your outfit for your “big” birthday this year. You could definitely pull that off :kos2: