Wojciech Szczesny


I’m welling up here, such a shame


Best of luck Chestnut


The now standard ‘Instagram farewell’ :speak_no_evil:

But yeah he’s proper Arsenal, t’ain’t no doubt


I’m Szczesny’s biggest fan, but spelling Bergkamp’s name wrong (twice!) is unforgivable. I’ve washed my hands of him :sunglasses:


Woj <3 :cry:



He’s really doing his best to make me wish we gave him another chance.


I completely forgot about that horror show of Juventus new badge is in effect now :gabriel:

All the best for the future Woj. I wonder if there is a potential buy back clause in his contract to come back to us one day?


You don’t just forget where you grew up.

Wish him all the best




That shows me that he actually made that post and was speaking from his heart as opposed to some social media expert managing his account. Woj was a true gunner.

As far as the move I’m pretty indifferent, he was the typical Arsenal keeper who would make an insane reaction save and then drop an easy cross or give up a needless pen. We’ll be fine without him and we are in desperate need of balancing the books. Someone has to go, a lot of someones tbh.


Best of luck to him.
Still a quality keeper imo and we should have had him here as our second choice.


best of luck to him at Juventus, hopefully he ends up being a great replacement for Buffon and makes Arsene regret selling him when Cech is declining even more


Easy to forget that he saved us from the depression that was Almunia.


I was crying too but it was partly down to seeing that godawful Juventus crest again :grimacing:


Gonna miss you Woj.


Hurts to see him leave to be honest.

Wenger must have serious faith in Emi Martinez to be our next decade-old keeper.


I’m gutted he has gone

Honestly thought he had what it takes to be our number one for years to come

Think we should of had him back last season as number 2 with the promise of number 1 this season


No doubt he is an Arsenal man through and through and while the heart wishes he was still with us, the head knows it probably was the right decision. I wish him well and hope he enjoys a successful time at Juve, except when he plays against us :).


Nice article from Tim Stillman on Szczesny and other past Arsenal “characters” - mainly Anders Limpar.

After his Premier League debut, he tweeted, “Tomorrow I will try to
learn how to kick the ball past the half way line!” after a series of
scuffed clearances. During an U-18s game in 2009, there is a story that
Szczesny spotted the linesman checking the nets as he walked towards his
goal. “No need to bother,” he chirped to the beleaguered official.
“Nothing is going in there.” He duly kept a clean sheet.


HIs love for cigarettes costed him his Arsenal career :hipster: